Make it fit with Nikki

Lose weight while having fun!

Are you sick and tired of all the FAD diets you’ve tried in the past that just isn’t working for you?

Are you a yo-yo dieter, so fed up with the never-ending cycle of binging and restricting?

Do you wish you could live a life free of being scared to eat carbs and cutting out all your favourite foods you wish you could eat every day? Because you label them as “bad”…

Are you new to the world of macros and calorie counting and don’t know where to begin?

Or, perhaps you’re someone who has been tracking their calories but aren’t sure how many calories they should even be on or what food you should be eating to reach your weight loss goals?

What if you joined my program and I built you a new meal plan every week, custom to you and your macros, and based on all the foods you love and choose — including dessert every night before you went to bed!?

No food is off limits!

You will be eating a healthy balance of nutrient rich foods... and of course food that is good for the soul! Chocolate and ice cream every day? Yes, please!

Say goodbye to food restrictions. Generic meal plans. Chicken and broccoli boring diets.

Jump on board with Make It Fit by Nikki, so you can lose weight while having fun EVERY DAY!

Note: I work in 6 week blocks, and clients have the option to continue on from that for as long as they like

So, what’s included?

Premium coaching package:

- Personalised calorie & macro calculations based on your goal.
- Calorie adjustments made throughout your time with me, if necessary.
- Access to my app where you will choose your meals, upload photos, measurements, body weight & track progress each week.
- Full support from me Monday–Friday.
- Access to 100+ different macro friendly recipes to choose from each week so I can build the perfect plan for you. No week is ever the same!
- 1 breakfast, 1 lunch, 2 dinner options, 1 dessert plus 2–3 snacks, which changes weekly!
- Shopping lists & methods added for your convenience.
- Weekly check-ins for support, accountability and most importantly, to make sure you have a healthy relationship with food and learn that there is no “good” or “bad” food. Food is just food and should be enjoyed every single day!

Standard package:

- Personalised calories and macros based on your goal
- Full access to my app where you can track progress & choose your meals
- New meal plans sent out weekly

Please email or message me directly on Instagram and I will respond to you in less than 24 hours.