Who am I?

Make Love with Your Life

I am a trauma-certified Embodiment & Sexuality Coach, here to guide you to KNOW, LOVE and FEEL SAFE in your body so that you can follow your pleasure and create a life you love.

I will guide you to:
⚜️Befriend your nervous system - understand your nervous system and trauma responses and learn tools to be able to self-regulate so that you shift from feeling stressed & anxious towards feeling safe & secure

⚜️Know & Love your body - learn about your body, your menstrual cycle, your sexual anatomy & learn to love and accept your body in all of her glorious and ever-changing forms so that you can live in harmony with your female body & love the woman looking back at you in the mirror

⚜️Live in embodied presence - feel safe to truly experience life from the body so that you can attune to your body wisdom & intuition and can increase your capacity to feel your full range of emotions and sensations including an ever-increasing amount of pleasure in sex & in life

⚜️Follow your pleasure - discover that pleasure is not selfish or dangerous, but an inner guide leading you to exactly where you are meant to be, so that you can experience MORE pleasure and use it as a tool to create what you want in life

If you are feeling disconnected from yourself & from life and want guided support so that you can live full power & full-pleasure, then let’s chat :-)

It would be my pleasure to support you.

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What others have to say:

“Working with Tamara helped me see I have so many more options than the ones I was giving myself and it’s not crazy to want to live a life that you love, every single day. Surely that’s the most sane thing that you can imagine.”

I used to work in a ‘big job’ that was making me wildly unhappy and I was working myself to illness for a day to day experience I wasn’t even enjoying that much. I was in a toxic job and a toxic relationship, all stemming from the same root causes of lack of boundaries, refusing to listen to my own intuition and listening instead to other people’s voices and the fear telling me my actual dreams were mere childlike fantasies. I was working towards something I didn’t even want.

Now I know it’s not crazy to want to live a life that you love, every single day, I am creating my dream life creating an artist’s residence in Italy, I’m approaching even pain & suffering with a different mindset and for the first time in my life I am directly exploring my sexuality, my own pleasure, understanding that my pleasure is not something to be shied away from, it is something to be leaned into and loved and respected.

If you aren’t really enjoying your life, if you’re feeling anxious on a regular basis, dreading Sunday night or if there’s something you’ve wanted to do but you haven’t done and some small fear is stopping you, I highly recommend working with Tamarta so she can help you give yourself the permission to explore the myriad of options available to you, you really won’t regret it, you may just find yourself living a life that you love, every single day.

Giulia, 32, Italy (now!)

“After 37 years I feel I have a real relationship with myself and clarity on what I want and deserve from life.”

Before working with Tamara I wanted to work on my self awareness, confidence, anxiety and suppressed anger and shame. I had reached the end of my rope and was letting toxic control run my life. I found the program very enlightening, I broke down huge walls around past traumas and developed a real relationship with myself. I developed increased self awareness, confidence and acceptance and more trusting relationships with people in my life that matter.

For me, the process was transformative, in that after 37 years I feel I have a real relationship with myself and clarity on what I want and deserve from life. I was able to begin to, or totally heal aspects of trauma in my earlier life and identify how to suppress negativity and invite in positivity.

Andy, 37, Madrid

“Tam’s presence inspires openheartedness, she holds space in a way that made me feel brave and soft at the same time and allowed me to rest in my own depth of feeling.
I can say from the bottom of my heart that sharing time with Tamara changed my life and I’m very grateful for having met her."

Elisa, Mexico, 32

“Thanks for helping me love myself and find a wonderful man”
Before working with Tamara I really struggled with loving who I am and the thoughts of what I should be like to have a relationship. I finally decided that the time was right when I was constantly allowing myself to be treated disrespectfully and then blaming it on my appearance or on me acting a certain way.
It was very eye opening and raw to change habits and certain social expectations that are deep within you but when you realise you’re healing it’s very empowering.
Now I don’t put myself down anywhere near like I used to, I’ve changed the way I date men, I set boundaries and stick to them. I found my self worth and respect.
If you’re thinking about working with Tamara, I say DO IT….Tamara is a kind, knowledgeable soul who will guide you to be happy (happier). I wish I’d done this 20 years ago.
Kim, 45, Australia

“She has shown me how to see, hear, love and hold myself”
I felt heard, seen, held and loved by Tamara through all aspects of our process together. And she has shown me how to see, hear, love and hold myself.
She teaches women to reclaim their power, their bodies, to love and value themselves, to own every part fiercely and unapologetically.
I have loved every minute of working with her, even - dare I say especially - the uncomfortable parts ;) I have learnt so much about myself throughout this process. Thank you. I am so grateful.
Niamh, 30, UK

“You’ve changed my life.”
I want to thank you for making me realise that being naturally feminine is an amazing way to be....it’s ok to be honest, vulnerable, strong, speak from your yoni. Being this way and being true only encourages and nurtures the natural qualities in others and I cannot believe the change in my relationships with others and, most importantly, myself. I love what you do and your gift you can give to so many women. Thank you, truly, from my heart.....and yoni


I am certified in Tantra and Trauma so I focus on the connection & relationship to your body & sexuality as I believe your wisdom & healing are found in the body and that you cannot separate your relationship with sexuality and your relationship with yourself at the deepest level.

I facilitate workshops on touch, sacred sexuality, feminine embodiment and relating, I create deep and powerful women’s circles and I offer 1:1 coaching. I have been holding sacred spaces around the world from Greece to Guatemala to Thailand.

And I am still figuring it all out, always on my own journey of uncovering more layers, forgetting and remembering, rising and falling and always coming back to myself and my truth.

I am a tantrika, a musician, a nature lover and a lover of life.

And I am wildly loving my life with my husband in Thailand, supporting women and men to transform their sex, lives and relationships.

Make Love with Your Life

“The quality of your life is directly related to the authenticty of the dreams you choose to follow”