Who am I?

Make Love with Your Life

My name is Tamara Klemich Koron and I help women break free from the limited confines of societal conditioning and create extraordinary lives with more authenticity, pleasure and connection. 

I am certified in Tantra and Trauma so I work with somatic healing & wisdom as well as focusing on your relationship to your body & sexuality as I believe true healing requires more than just talking and that you cannot separate your relationship with sexuality and your relationship with yourself at the deepest level.

My journey to this work started when I had a major burnout at the height of a very successful career in advertising. I was great at it and even somewhat enjoyed it, but it wasn’t truly fulfilling me and it was ruining my health (mentally, physically & emotionally).

I was overworked, stressed and lonely after over a decade of being single and I was using alcohol to numb so I didn’t have to face what was really going on. 

So I decided to leave the career and London and bought a one-way ticket to Delhi (as has been done many times before when one is on a quest for answers).

My mission was to focus on what made me healthy & happy and figure out what I wanted from this one life.

And from there I’ve been on a wild and beautiful adventure traveling the world, studying yoga & tantra, living in Ashrams, training in sacred sexuality, trauma, embodiment, relating & effective communication… you name it. I’ve been on what I call my Masters of Life. 

And I’ve condensed all of it down into a very potent and beautiful program to help other ambitious women create the life of their dreams…. without having to pack up and go to India.

It’s called Make Love with Your Life and in it I will guide you through a process of connecting to yourself and your deepest desires, knowing you're worthy of them all and gaining the confidence to take the steps to create them.

I now live my dream life in Thailand with my husband who I met on the road in Jan 2020 and I offer 1:1 coaching and facilitate workshops and retreats.

And it would be my absolute pleasure to support you on your own journey to consciously create the life of YOUR dreams. 

Tamara x

Make Love with Your Life

“The quality of your life is directly related to the authenticty of the dreams you choose to follow”