Hi, I'm Makenna!

I’m so excited to welcome you into my art sphere!  I am a multi-media artist that thrives off of acrylic, watercolor & ink.  I am currently studying as an art history major but in my free time you can find me wandering the halls of local art museums and creating in my studio!  Enjoy wandering through my virtual gallery & don’t forget to hang out with me on Instagram!

"From Life Comes Death, From Death Comes Life" —

This mix media original art is 18"x24" and is made on mix media paper. I used watercolor, markers, ink, and acrylic paint to create this piece. It is a beautiful representation of contrast with a striking purple color.



"Kayaking" —

This original is a 18"x 24" mix media painting on mix media paper. It was created with watercolor, ink, and acrylic paint. This artwork was inspired by one of the most beloved activities done durring Michigan summers, Kayaking.



"Road Trippy" —

This is an original mix media painting is 18"x 24" made on mix media paper. I used markers and acrylic paint to create this colorful piece of art. "Road Trippy" has intricate details oozing from it. This artwork is made to throw you back in time when you went cruising with your friends.



"Dance Like The Universe Is Yours"  —

This is an original 9"x 12" mix media painting on mix media paper. It is made with watercolor, acrylic, ink, and metallic paint. This illustration designed painting was inspired by my love for astronomy!



"12 Hours" —

This is a 16" x 20" canvas entirely painted with acrylic paint.

This was inspired by a trip I took out west. I loved the colors that were in the desert, the vibrant red dirt and the scattered green shrubs inspired this piece . I also wanted to challenge myself by painting two different times of day, which is where the name of this artwork came from!



"Rose Window" Magnet  —

This is a a 4x 5 1/2" magnet with my "Rose Window" artwork shown in it. This mandala styled art is inspired by Notre Dame Cathedral's Rose windows. These magnets are personal and have incredible detail put into them.



"Crumbling City" Coaster —

This is a 4 1/2" x 4 1/2" handmade coaster with a black foam backing. It has my original acrylic painting the,"Crumbling City" on it. These coasters are unique and are a great way to support my artwork in a practical way!


"Sun & moon" coaster —

This is 4 1/2" x 4 1/2" handmade coaster with a foam backing. These coasters have my "Sun & Moon" mandala artwork on them. They are unique and have happy colors poping off them! They are a great way to add some color on your coffee table.



"Crystallize" magnet —

This is a 4 x 5 1/2" magnet with my acrylic artwork "Crystallize" on it. "Crystallize" is one of my only pieces of art that is modern inspired. The blue is striking and the overall art has a relaxed feel to it.