A little about me


Since you made it here, nice to meet you!

I’m MaKenna. I’m 21 years old, currently living in Grand Forks, ND. I grew up in in Billings, MT with not a lot of places to offer. I did exactly what everyone was supposed to do… graduated high school, tired to go to college for a degree & had that job working 7-7 as a cna trying to become a nurse.

In October of 2020 I decided I decided to take the chance of a lifetime and start doing what no one else was doing and become a entrepreneur. With hard work and motivation i now work from home helping others have healthy hair/skin and living life on my terms.

A huge part of my life is creating confidence you might not be able to find in yourself. In school I was bullied all time time but after i graduated I started not to care about what others thought and show them how successful I could be. I promote confidence that you might have to dig deep for but will help you shine on and blind those bullies away.

Looking for a way to boost your lifestyle? Make money online? Healthy hair/skin? Confidence enhancement? Freedom?

I’m glad we can connect - You came to the right place ✨

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Why I choose this opportunity over anything else

The decision
In October 2020 everything was insane. This is the month I decided I was tired of going into work at a place that made me feel less than myself, counting down the days till my paycheck, having to request time off, etc. I was 19 & ready for more. I was curious & honestly jealous of seeing others live their lives freely while I was stuck. I knew there was more for me so I took my shot.

The Opportunity
I was scrolling on Instagram in 2020 and a girl from a state I have never been to so was so similar to me reached out and told me about her job. How she got to work from home, create her own lifestyle and live the life she always dreamed of while being a college student like myself. There was no catch the only thing I had to be was 18 & coach able.

October 2020
I was working full time at 2 different hotels and trying to go to school to become a nurse.. I took a call with my now mentor, I asked a bunch of questions and was sold on the idea, I was just doubting myself. This business was on my mind 24/7 after that call and a couple days later I signed up. I had no idea what I was doing but I just had to say yes. I was welcomed by a supportive community, started some trainings, and hit the ground running.

April 2021
After 6 months of being in the business I was able to go to 3 new states and seeing the ocean for the first time which I never could imagined me doing. This was a dream I never thought I could tackle, being honest with you. I was also able to leave both of my jobs and start doing things on my own terms.
The thing is… I never thought I had what it took & this is all from your personal device.. phone or laptop.

I knew I wanted to help others & this business opportunity has allowed me to do that. I was missing out on so much in my life and didn’t even know.

How I can help you
If you can relate to my story, my goals, desires… in any way, shape or form.. I invite you to join my business with me. Please complete the “work with me” form in the link. Or complete a free hair, skin or wellness consultation form if you’re looking for new products that actually work. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Lesson to be learned: there is so much more to life then being stuck and not knowing what to do with life. I will show you what framing bigger, hard work, consistency & working from wifi can do for you.