Get to Know me!

Who is Makeup by Taren

Hi loves,
My name is Taren! I am a licensed, professional makeup artist and cosmetologist. I have been in the makeup/beauty industry for six years glamming beautiful faces for all types of events. I lost my hair due to alopecia at 12 years old and through makeup, I have gained my confidence and femininity back.
My drive comes from making others feel their best on the inside by enhancing their natural beauty on the outside!
I have worked with many brands creating content for product releases. Tarte Cosmetics flew me to New York to create two different looks for the release of the Tarteist Pro Palette, which has been the highlight of my career thus far. I enjoy creating and the close and personal experience that comes with doing someone’s makeup, especially for their big day! Bridal makeup is my main love and expertise, so future brides reach out to me for quality application and professionalism.
Always remember what makes us different makes us beautiful!
Xoxo Taren

But first, GOD!
My most favorite thing in the world to do is laugh.
My family is most important to me.
I love cats... like, a lot!
I love photography in general.
I personally would rather not wear makeup. I love fresh, clean, moisturized skin.
Alopecia warrior.
My favorite color is purple.
I love to feed my brain so I will read and learn about anything and I mean anything.
I love nature, I love to walk nature trails and feel and listen to all the things Mother Nature has to offer.
I hate small talk, I don’t like doing that. I would rather connect with people on a deeper level or not at all.
I am quiet around people I don’t know, I would rather analyze people before I allow someone into my space.
I either have something to say or I don’t.
I am a bit socially awkward, I don’t know how not to be.
I am an introvert so I enjoy being home, people drain me.
I am extremely sarcastic to the point you may think I’m serious when I’m joking.
Don’t take me too serious ;)
Some shows/movies I love: The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Mandalorian, Star Wars, Pretty Little Liars, anything and everything Marvel, Beetlejuice, Legend, Pans Labyrinth, Labyrinth, Neverending story, Game of Thrones, just to name a few.
I’m obsessed with all things horror and spooky.
I love anything miniature.
The smell of fresh cut grass is the best.