About me

Free as the wind dancing on the sea. French dancer, World traveler, Pirate biker, Wild stranger, Smart vegan, Free @tsiganemalik

I am Malik ROY, I consider myself as a Nomad and Cigano from my blood.

When I was settled in Bordeaux, my main activity was Dance Instructor and part time Civil Engineer and Mathematics Teacher.

Then before I turned 30 years old, I decided to challenge myself…

- places you've been and most liked

From 2005, with any public transport and from 2015, only on Harley Davidson,

I ve been in more than 75 countries and definitely more than 2000 cities where I used to teach "caribe dance" workshops in many of them.

I used to say that "Cap Town" is my favourite "city" probably for the beautiful nature and wildlife surrounding it, with an incredible mixture of people. And about the "continent", I would say that "South America" is where I feel fully myself due to the dance culture and the authenticity of people easier to find.

- how to find and make your route

At the beginning it was places where I was invited to teach dance in Europe, North Africa and Asia. So I did 18 countries in 4 months this way, to finally realize that it was the best and richest experience in life to discover people, culture and joy, so I left my French settled life to explore the world and to enjoy my freedom far from my comfort zone.

Mainly the wind decided my route and the curiosity to know new countries where I could teach dance.

From 2015, thanks to my new way of traveling on motorcycle, expensing the possibility to infinity, I decide to go anywhere where people wish to host me in their house following the idea to don't drive the same road I already did.

All Europe did and drove 85 000km (minus 4 countries: Netherlands, Ireland, Iceland and Belarus).

After that my Harley Davidson "Road King Classic '', definitely broke in Europe, I needed to choose another area in the World... So I decided to start in Brazil to do all South America with a new Harley Davidson "Fat Bob". 

Here I am, done "all over" 15 states in Brazil... And drove more than 30 000km.

- greatest difficulty you had to stay somewhere

From 2005, when I started my world tour, the possibilities and capabilities of the internet have continued to improve, allowing me to contact all kinds of people anywhere to ask them if they could receive me in their home. 

So of course, sometimes happened some entertaining stories:

"Leknes"... A city from Norway that I'm not going to forget: I arrived in this city in the evening where I should meet my future host, then I could not find the address, so I contacted him by phone and made him speak with someone I did meet randomly to understand where to go... And while they spoke together, on my side I was using some "dating app" to meet the most local people possible. After a 30 min talk, they realized that there are 2 cities with the same name in Norway on the totally opposite side.... It means that I was without a place to stay anymore.... At the same moment a lady that I was dating in this app appeared in front of me and instantly I did ask her, without shame, if she could take me to her home... She did accept ;)

From this moment then, I did choose to ask everyone the same, in any kind of meeting app...

So it's people accepting to host me who makes my road... 

- people who were nicer or weirder when hosting you

All of them. It's just humans with all kinds of beliefs, intellect, sexuality, gender, social statut... What would be weirder for you, would be a challenge for me to understand them and to socialise with. So I'm definitely a caméléon. I had so many crazy and unbelievable experiences in this life.

In the end I don't feel envy from anyone's settled life.

- something about the bike

Harley Davidson is probably the less proper motorbike to ride the way I ride on all kinds of roads... But all my adventures or mechanics issues make me meet even more people ready to help me in any circumstances possible. Thousands of stories and new road friends.

- what did revolt you the most 

1.The animal condition and bad treatment of them mainly in some third world countries.

2.The inequalities between people depending where you are born on this planet.

1 Exemple

In Hanoï, Capital of Vietnam, it was 4 guys beating a cow with shovels because she could not tow a huge cart full of sand. I will spare you the visual details of the suffering of the animal.

It's very difficult to handle it when it's in front of your eyes. I often just give up and cry inside or tryed to communicate in a kind way because it's often just because of ignorance and wrong education. In this last case, limited by the language, I did take a shovel from them and pretended to beat one of them, then they laughed and decided to take some sand out of the cart… anyway, it was already damaged.

2. Exemple 

In Nouakchott, Capital of Mauritania, it was this Footballer totally desperate to move his life for better, begging me for help. I decided to get a passport for him with some fake visas to travel with me all the way western Africa to North Europe illegally… He finally had a great football career in Norway and has a beautiful family with 4 amazing kids.

People don't choose where to be born. I was lucky to be born French in France where we don't make an issue about our skin color or religion or sexuality difference. It's just when I started to travel the world that I realized how lucky I was to get naturally tolerance in my education.

On my roads, anytime I could do good to change life of people for better, I just did:

It could be basic as to teach how to social dance,

or deeper as helping them to move from their country.

Yes I also had girl friends from third world countries such as in Eastern Europe or Latin America that I did help to find love with other men from rich countries to care about them. Love for me means: compersion = compersão (not compassion!)

Lately from Brazil, a bad but funny and sad experience:

Boletim do Ocorrência por Calúnia @rayanneadorno 


Of course to be good with people doesn't mean to be stupid, so it's better to never mess up with me. I got a few other stories about insane situations too ;). The best weapon is to laugh about limited people but never put your head down in front of them. And I guarantee that I'm always the last one to stand up being proud of my values.

- your favorite Brazilian expression

"Dou um boi para não entrar numa briga, mas dou uma boiada para não sair."

- why don't you make a blog, or write a book or record videos ?

My answer is : What for?

If it's to be famous or to be rich… I really think it's a useless and ridiculous thought.

If it's to share and to inspire others…I'm nobody. Thousands of travelers already make great jobs on the internet.

Long ago, I did try to film my lifestyle or even to write a book.

The clear result is that the time you use to edit videos or to write properly good stories, it's a huge amount of time less in your journey to travel and to discover more.

- practical way, how is your way to travel and philosophy ?

Simple, minimalist and humble. 

My basic necessities are all about my small gym bag.

My main cost is my motorbike. If I need to choose between food and gasoline, I definitely choose gasoline. There is so much waste of food. We just have to take it when it comes. So it always comes sooner or later by itself.

And as you understood, I never spend money to be hosted.

Money is just a paper with different values in every country. I'll never understand exactly the meaning.

To resume: money or food are not my priority so far.

Same as people using drugs or alcohol to be able to socialise with others, as that they can't be just themself… I will never understand this limited way of thought or needs.

My philosophy would be very near of the Jainism (Indian religion)

And Social Dance of course ;)

- you re far from a motorbiker stereotypes

Sure, but probably one of the most proper one deeply connected with roads around the world and all elements from nature, seasons, weather… etc...

Nowadays, what's so original about having tattoos and drinking beer? I absolutely don't need this to get a personality. 

Dancing for me is definitely the best way to show who you are without silly artificial things.

- do you have fears ?

To have a routine static lifestyle or to follow the system of silly societies rules.

You'll never see me doing a queue to attend something… or speaking about local polítics… its just clearly nonsense and boring… I love and need only efficient talks and acts.

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