Clo-Flo WorkShops!

Cloe Will Be Doing 6 Fun WorkShops!

Schedule For Each WorkShops:
Clo-Flo WorkShops! (Sponsored By DisNey Channel)

WorkShop 1: San Francisco, California
Ages: 8-20
Singing, Dancing, Camera Work, Preformance Help, Meet + Greet
Time: 5:30 to 8:00
5:00- 5:08 Students will arrive
5:09- 5:15 Mini Party and Get to know eachother
5:20-5:26 Olivia Rodrigo will y’all about her experience as a singer, actress, and dancer
5:27- 5:30 Me, Annie, and GiaNina will come out and talk about the workshops (including Olivia)
5:31-5:50 Annie F and Olivia will do vocal warmups with the students. 5:51 will be a small break
5:52-6:00 They will go with there coaches and learn a song
6:01- 6:15 Students will sing a song with there group and be critiqued by there coaches 6:16-6:18 is a small break
6:19- 6:40We will all break into groups. Group Blue will go to Dancing and Group Green will go to Camera work Group Pink will go to Preformance Help
6:41 Switch
(Dancing will be hosted by Phil and Kelsie)
7:02- 7:10 Special Dinner
7:11- 8:00 Meet + Greet
8:01 students are dismissed

WorkShop 2: Seattle, Washington
Ages: 9-18
Singing, Acting, Meet + Greet
Time: 2:30 to 3:45
2:00-2:20 Students will arrive
2:21-2:29 Guest Speaker will speak (Ruby Rose Turner) about her experience as a singer and actor
2:30-2:35 Me, Annie, GiaNina, and Ruby will talk about the classes and workshops of the day
2:36- 2:40 (ruby leaves) They do a vocal warm up and learn a song in a group with a coach
2:41- 2:50 They will preform there song with there coach and get critique and from there fellow friends and other coaches. 2:51 will be a small break
2:52- 3:10 Acting will take place
3:11- 3:19 FreeStyle Dance Party
3:20- 3:45 Meet + Greet
3:47 Students are dismissed

WorkShop 3: Orlando, Florida
Singing, Preformance Work, and How to do YouTube, Meet + Greet
Ages: 10-18
Time: 4:30 to 6:00
4:00-4:15 Students will arrive
4:16- 4:22 FreeStyle Dance Party (Including Coaches)
4:23- 4:29 We will talk about the workshop
4:30-4:40: We will warm up our voices and how to learn not to strain your voice and do vocal practices
4:41-4:55 They will learn a song and split up into groups with the coaches. 4:56 will be a small break
4:57- 5:10 They will learn how to preform on stage
5:11-5:20 They will preform a song of there choice in groups to the other students
5:21- 5:30 They will learn how to be on camera and do group work
5:31- 6:00 Meet and greet will happen
6:10 Class is dismissed

WorkShop 4: Baltimore, Maryland
Ages: 11-19
Singing, Dancing, Meet + Greet
Time: 1:15 to 3:00
1:10- 1:14 Students will be arriving
1:15-1:20 Me, Annie, and GiaNina will talk about the classes
1:21-1:30 They will learn a dance inspired by one of my tour choreography
1:31- 1:42 They will preform it in groups and we will critique them. 1:45 will be a small break
1:46-1:56 We will do Vocal Works and Sheet music. 1:57 will be a small break
2:00- 2:10 They will split in to groups with coaches (Me, Annie, and GiaNina) and learn music notes
2:11-3:00 Meet + Greet will start
3:05 Students will leave

WorkShop 5:
Austin, Texas
Ages: 12-19
YouTube, Singing, Modeling
Time: 3:30 to 4:45
3:15 Students will arrive
3:20- 3:25 Me, Annie, and GiaNina will come out and talk about the workshops and the day
3:26- 3:42 We will talk about how to set up a YouTube Career and practice being on camera
3:43- 3:50 They will learn a personalized script on how to do an intro for YouTube. Learn how to speak well
3:51- 4:00 Vocal Lessons
4:01-4:22They will learn a song and practice how to do runs and rounds in singing
4:23- 4:28 KBJulianna will talk with the crowd about her experience as a singer and KB Kid and what it’s like
4:29- 4:45 Modeling will happen. How to do walks and stand up straight. KBJulianna will be there
4:46: Class is dismissed

WorkShop 6:
Washington DC
Ages: 10-20
Singing, Dancing, Modeling, Acting, Meet + Greet
Time: 3:30 to 6:45
3:00- Students will arrive
3:10-3:20 FreeStyle Dance Party
3:20- 3:25 Phil and Kelsie will come out and talk with the students and explain the workshop.
3:30- 3:45 Me, Annie, and GiaNina will come out and greet the crowd
3:46- 3:56 We will learn a Choreographed dance
3:57-4:10 They will preform there dances in groups and get Critiques from us (including choreographers)
4:11-4:20 Kelsie & Phil are done and Me, GiaNina, and Annie will do Vocal Lessons with the students.
4:20-4:25 They will be split into groups to learn a song and learn how to read a sheet music
4:27- 4:40 Modeling will start (Runway Modeling)
4:41-5:00 We will be learning modeling poses
And let students walk the runway
5:01-5:18 Students will learn acting and how to do auditions. Class is over at 5:20
5:21- 6:44 Meet + Greet Will happen
6:45 Dissmissal will start
6:50 WorkShop will be over

Feat: GiaNina Paolantino (All Shows) KidzBopJulianna (Texas Show) Olivia Rodrigo (California Show) Annie Finemel (All Shows) Ruby Rose Turner- Guest Speaker (California + Washington) ALL SHOWS (PARENT ONLY SPEAKER)

138 People In Each Group
415 People Show Up

Special Choreographers: Kelsie Jeffords and Phil Wright (California + Washington DC)

Groups will be in colors
Group 1: Blue
Group 2: Green
Group 3: Pink
Extra Groups (just in case)
Group 4: Yellow
Group 5: Purple
Group 6: Black
Group 7: Orange


-Security Will Be There
-Only Kids Who Have Been Chosing For The WorkShop Can Attend
-WorkShop Is Free( Meet + Greet is $15 ) You May Get Tickets At The Door
-All Talent Is Eligible To Meet At Some Shows
-Please Do Not Bring Weapons, Drugs (unless prescribed by doctor)
-Please Note If Any Allergies
-Parents will be in a separate room hosted by are guest speaker (Ruby Rose Turner) She will be talking about the Industry
-All Students MUST Have A Badge Knowing That They Are There
-Your Child May Leave The WorkShop Early But MUST Sign Out At The Merch

Food Will Be Provided During Breaks

Transportation Is Provided In Washington DC + California +