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Welcome to my burrow 🍌

Before You Follow (WIP) —

~ Do Not Interact if ~

• You’re ‘’’kin for fun’’’/KFF, ‘’’choicekin’’’, ‘’’choicepunk’’’ or support them/are ‘neutral’ on the damage they are doing, or are otherwise anti-kin/anti-nonhuman/anti-alterhuman

• You‘re an ace-spec or aro-spec Exclusionist

• You’re an mspec LG Exclusionist (e.g. bi-lesbian, ply-gay, etc)

• You’re against neopronouns, nounself pronouns, emojiself pronouns or people wanting to use no pronouns at all

• You’re against MOGAI
(specifically noting microlabels, multi-labels, xenogenders, neurogenders, kingenders etc)

• You’re Exorsexist/a nonbinary Exclusionist

• You’re an intersex Exclusionist/Intersexist

• You’re against He/Him Lesbians, They/Them Lesbians/Gays, She/Her Gays, Nonbinary/Xenogender/etc. Lesbians/Gays, AMAB Demiboys & AFAB Demigirls, Trans Gays/Lesbians, etc.

• You’re a sysmed, e.g. an endogenic system (and other origin systems) Exclusionist

• You’re a Transmed/Truscum/Trumed

• You’re Biphobic/Bimisic

• You’re Homophobic/Homomisic

• You’re Racist

• You’re Antisemitic

• You’re Ableist
(specifically noting bigotry regarding cluster-B or ‘scary’ neurotypes and mental illnesses, e.g. being prejudiced against psychotic people, people with bipolar, borderline personality disorder, narcissistic personality disorder(which is a trauma response to BEING abused), etc)

• You’re Sexist


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Hihihi, my name is Mallowsap when little, or Mallow if I’m straight-legged and big!

I’m a rabbit; A Harlequin Standard Plush Lop. My ears flop down, and stay there.

Specifically, I’m a rabbit Therian — or Furrerian; Therian + Furry, as I use a bipedal anthro fursona(or ‘theriosona’ as they’re linked for me) to engage with my rabbit existence with the body type that I have.

My earliest rabbit memory is from about 5 years old, and my rabbit identity stems from psychological & neurological/physiological origin(s).

About Me [WIP]


~ Tulipian Queer, Autistic, ADHD & Chronically ill Transxenine Bunny Bxy ~

Very ☿⚧♂ ✨Queer✨


Ply-Gay AroAce

Intersex, Transxenine, Genderqueer

Proxvir, Mascneutral + Rabbit

Neurogender; Autix/Autigender, Fixigender/ADHDgender, Neurobxy

Lots Of Xenogender Feels

Faunagender, Rabbit (gender)

Furrerian; Furry+Therian
Theriosona: Standard Plush Lop

Title + Pronouns

No Particular Order

Title: Oyo, based on rabbit face; oYo

Replaces words like Sir, Mr, and the -man/-person suffixes

Oyo — Oyo Flapjack/Oyo Mallow Flapjack

-oyon — Craftsoyon; Journeyoyon; Spokesoyon, etc.


[Bunmoji Pronouns]

[‘Bunai(s)’ is pronounced ‘bunneh(s)’]

[BOP Pronouns]


[KidDay Pronouns]



[Lapine Pronouns]
Auxiliary Pronouns:
[For People Whose Brain-weirds Make Pronouns Hard.]

[preferred, if you’re able to use them]

— Hop, use like He or They
— Lops, use like Him & His or Them, Their, Theirs
— Hopself, use like Himself or Themself



[made from He + They, with some tweaks for His + Theirs because I don’t like ‘Heir/Heirs’ as pronunciation is ambiguous —
— so I came up with Hum/Hums to use instead and also fit the pattern of them]

Theriosona Seasonal Appearance; Winter —> Spring —> Summer —> Autumn  —

Top Left —> Top Right —> Bottom Left —> Bottom Right

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[Special Interests —> SpIns --> spins]

My spins

• Rabbits! :P
• Irish history, music, culture, lore, etc. &
• Pre-Christian/Colonisation Irish Paganism/Polytheism & modern expressions thereof.
• Bruce Banner & Hulk.
• Leonard Snart/Captain Cold & Mick Rory/Heatwave.
• Spock, Vorik & Taurik, Vulcans in general, the planet Vulcan.
• Astro Boy
*Other things I’m prolly forgetting bc they aren’t currently as Front And Centre.*

VeryBerry bunnies!

The most adorable bunny art I have ever seen and may never own because they don’t ship their book outside of Japan! ;C;

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