Hi!! Im Kaylee ✨

Beauty influencer, mom, retiring myself from healthcare profession at 25, entrepreneur

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Hi!! I’m Kaylee!! I am a mom of a beautiful toddler, a soon to be retired facility director of 7 Adult family homes, and a beauty influencer on social media!! I’m here to impact your life for the best by sharing my story, and helping you find yours and making your dreams come true.

I worked in corporate america from 18, got tired of working too hard for lack of pay and toxic environment. Put myself through school, ended up caregiving and worked my way up. Realized, I wasn’t doing what I want, did I really want to be away from my daughter so much? For how much I WASN’T getting paid? I took a step into the unknown and am retiring myself in 2022. I am on my way to travel, build my dream home, earn my free car, and be free to stay home with my daughter full time, all by using some shampoo✨

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