Hi everybody! My name is Talyia and first off, thank you for visiting! I am 25 years old, a momma to a busy 9 year old, I work full time as a logistics warehouse specialist for the army, and have a side hustle printing custom shirts, banners and decals. — Busy is an understatement.

I had my son in my junior year of high school, so like any other teen mom, I had to adjust to a whole new life. Motherhood. I graduated high school with a one year old, didn’t go to college. I just worked to provide for him. He’s now 9 years old and plays football and wrestles.

My everyday life was wake up, go to work, rush home, take my son to practice, come home to make dinner, check homework, sleep, repeat. Then on days without practice I’ll be printing orders.

I knew a few girls working the Monat biz. I watched one girl quit her JOBS to be with her kids more, one of my best childhood friends was going on vacations and STILL making money, and our team mentor was the FIRST girl in Hawaii to pick up her FREE Cadillac from Monat.

So yes, this is REAL! And one day I just texted my girl and was like “Sis! I need to hop on, I need extra money, I need more time with my boy” and that was it. I am accomplishing just THAT! More time with my son, extra paychecks AND bonuses! And the topper, I’m achieving amazing hair and skin goals that I’ve struggled with all while helping others do the exact same.

If you want the same, if you’re tired of living paycheck to paycheck or not having the time you want with your loved ones. Click the links on my next page and I’ll be more than happy to meet and help you ♡