Nice to meet you!! ☀️

Hi!! I’m Manda 🌸 Welcome to my page, I’m so happy you’re here!! This is my shared space, so come along for the ride :)

I love getting to know new people, so here’s a little bit about me:

I’m 19 years old, just a wellness-obsessed university student trying to spread some sunshine, and also teach others how to grow and take care of their minds and bodies (and the planet too!!) 🌱

I run my Instagram page and business while being a full time student, and it’s a simple way to share the things I love with others :) I love to post about everything lifestyle (food and my hobbies hehe), self care, and school + studying related!!

This page is also where I meet and connect with new friends, clients, and business partners!! (My dms are always open so don’t be afraid to reach out 🤍)

No matter what you’re here for, I’m glad you are :) thank you for the support, I’m excited to have you along for the ride!!

About my business

Just over a year ago I joined this revolutionary company and started building a business that is grounded in gratitude. Since then its brought me an incredible family of like minded, driven people, and some wonderful experiences & learning opportunities. I’m always trying to grow and become a better person, and I love this business because it’s helped me to embrace my everyday.

Whether you’re a student like me, or a stay at home mama, teacher, stylist, doctor, accountant, influencer, etc., this ground level opportunity can change your life!! It’s something that anyone can do <3

Fill out the Work with Me application on the previous page ⏪ and we can get started!! Let’s work together to reach the life & goals that you dream about, all while helping others achieve theirs!

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I’m always happy to help, so don’t be afraid to reach out 💗 I can’t wait to see us grow and thrive together!!