Mandy Marie

Every morning you have two choices: Continue to sleep with your dreams or wake up and chase them.

Hi, I’m Mandy! I am 30 years old, I live in New York, I am a full time Teacher, and I have a passion for beauty, family, and helping others.

Two years ago I said yes to something I knew nothing about. I was skeptical, but I was sure I needed a change, and so, I took a chance on myself and my life has changed drastically ever since. I went from an overworked, underpaid Educator, to now being an owner of an online beauty business. My passion for more family time has finally been fulfilled now that I can pick up and be with them at any time. I make my own hours, I pick my work office, and I don’t have to miss out on making memories while I make an income. The freedom of being a business owner is truly priceless and I’m so grateful for it every day!

My mission is to help others find that same freedom. No matter what your background, I’m here to tell you it’s possible for you too! I never saw myself being where I am today, but when you believe in yourself anything is possible!

All I wanted was an extra $500 a month to pay bills and buy groceries. What I got is a full time income, the best beauty regimen out there, a supportive community of women who are now my closest friends & the freedom I always wanted. Not to mention, I get to help people feel more beautiful & confident every single day.
I’d love to help you too! Xo



We use the best beauty products on the market and get paid to do it!
Are you sharing you new clothes, Starbucks coffee, restaurants, or favorite products on Instagram? Guess what, you’re already doing what we do. Why not get paid to do it?

Rejuvenique Oil

What makes my products different than the rest?

Our patented botanical blend of oils has a molecular structure small enough to penetrate through your skin and all three layers of your hair.
This oil repairs and reverses damage and heals from the inside out.
It’s our secret sauce and our staple ingredient.
We are the only ones on the market who have it!

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Do the products really work?

Yes! This is what two years of consistent use of vegan, natural based, anti-aging products looks like. Clinically backed to provided results and customized to your hair or skin type.

Check my hair and skin highlight on my Instagram to see my hair and skin transformations along with many clients.