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Hey there, Beautiful!
I invite you to join me on Friday, December 11th for our 3rd Annual Virtual Retreat designed to help you gain clarity and direction for your life and career in the coming new year! Get 50% OFF your registration price when you reserve your spot by Nov. 30th!


Meet Mandy

Hi! I’m Mandy.

I’m married to the man of my dreams, Mr. Nate Anderson. He calls me Beautiful, and I call him Handsome, and on the weekends you can find us working out together at the gym, kayaking or biking, having our own brand of fun at home, or hanging out with friends.

Oh. And I also have a life-threatening disease called Cystic Fibrosis. So I know a thing or two about turning disappointments into meaningful experiences and overcoming the obstacles that life throws at ya. 😉

I love coffee dates with great friends (virtual or in-person), books that teach me new skills, YA books that make me feel all the feels, stiletto shoes that are usually not made for walking, and adventures that end with laughter and great memories.

Professionally, I’m the CCO and Co-Founder of RAYMA Team, where I teach women Leadership and Business Skills. I’m also an Author and a Speaker, and host of the She Who Overcomes™ Podcast.

I have spent the last decade in the personal development industry building a strong mindset, and I nerd out on all things creative. I can't wait to share it all with you so you can activate your creativity and leadership, too!

Listen to the Podcast here!