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I’m Mandy, a Life and Business Coach for Heart Centered Living. I inspire and educate women using heart centered strategies for soul aligned success to create, live and love a Heart Centered Life.

Everything in my life is led by my heart; my lifestyle and livelihood, my relationships in society, my body and wellness, my creativity and learning, my essence and spirituality. I’ve recognized the power in leading with my heart. It’s simple and so incredibly powerful!

By connecting within, by listening with our hearts wisdom, we gain clarity and with clarity arises choice. I am honoured to have discovered, experienced and now share these teachings.

I get so much joy from empowering women to love themselves deeply, starting with their heart, tapping into their love and bringing their core desired feelings to life.

I help women find clarity and create goals with soul through Desire Mapping and by sharing the wisdom and heart stories I’ve learned from my own journey.

If you are a seeker or goal setter who desires more, I would love to help you find clarity on your goals and guide you on your journey to fulfillment.

I currently offer an introductory course, along with a complete Desire Map experience in a group or one on one. Choose whatever your heart desires or let me customize the experience to exactly what your heart needs.

Here’s the strategy, always start in the heart! 🤍

With Love Mandy Xo

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Heart Centered

I have my heart set on a few things for you!

Below are essential heart centered items to help you on your way to living a heart centered life.

Books & Workbooks

The Desire Map is a holistic approach to life planning that uses your core desired feelings as the guidance system for your goal setting. Over 125,000 copies sold and print in multiple languages.

This is my current how-to for heart centered living. For engaging your self agency. For decisions that lead to less suffering, and more ease. Ultimately, it’s about learning to love yourself more fully… so you can pour that Love into the collective.

The new workbook takes all the wisdom of the original Desire Map book/workbook and goes deeper, with four distinct parts to the process:

Part 1: DISCOVERING Your Core Desired Feelings—you ID your Core Desired Feelings. This is the foundation of Desire Mapping, all things flow out from here to…

Part 2: CLARIFYING with Your Core Desired Feelings—you’ll go through a process of examining your current and ideal “innerworld attitudes” and “outerworld engagement.” This is deeper psyche work.

Part 3: PLANNING with Your Core Desired Feelings—you’ll work with frameworks for creating plans that are connected to your heart-intelligence, your Core Desired Feelings. We live in a goal-obsessed culture, but this is how you can plan your day/week/LIFE—without the over-extended, anxiety-inducing, headed-for-burnout striving. Because the journey has to feel the way you want the destination to feel.

Part 4: LIVING Your Core Desired Feelings—this is The Desire Map Manual for Living: 21 reflective practices for experiencing and expressing your Core Desired Feelings: meditations, prayers, reframing exercises, conscious gratitude practices, CDFs journalling, and some lite habit tracking.

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Meditation and Guided Reflections for the Heart

Devotion to Higher Love is all that matters. Tools for mining the light within: visualizations, guided reflections, meditations, journalling, prayers, poetry––and the occasional sermon on generosity.

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Plan for fulfillment. The Desire Map planner is a gratitude journal, meets calendar, meet your Higher Self. Helps your heart centred visions get real and gets you to your appointments on time.

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Heart Centered Membership

Weekly devotional practices. Meditation, reflection, ritual and community. Join a community of seeking humans who want to create change through self-awareness and service. Dissolving the obstructions to love and compassion.

Each month, a menu of practices in your Guidebook. It’s an aspirational mix n’ match—you choose to do what resonates with you.

A meditation kit

A deep journaling exercise

Dark of the Moon Write n’ Burn

Full Moon Write n’ Burn

Blessings or rituals for: bathing, gratitude, sacred word sets

A monthly Integration exercise to notice your shifts

Quick prep process to help you set yourself up for the month

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