About Mangata Wellness Studio

Holistic bodywork to nourish your radiance

mångata; /ˈmoːŋˌɡɑːta/ the glimmering reflection that the moon creates on the water.

I have always been infatuated with the moon, and believe that she affects each of us deeply. Similarly, our own unique glimmer influences the world around us. Your glow is magical; with self love, care and intention, I believe your spirit can be enriched. My massage treatments provide a culminating blend of all three.

About me

Amy Gwartney LMT #20514

Amy specializes in working with;
Chronic neck and shoulder pain
Sciatic and Piriformis syndrome pain
Whiplash and motor vehicle accident injuries
Thoracic inlet syndrome symptoms
Lower back pain
Headache relief
Stress relief
Pain and tension caused from pregnancy
Injuries from car accidents

Amy is a Licensed Massage Therapist in Eugene, Oregon. She began her education in bodywork in 2011 at East West College of Healing Arts.  She studied deep tissue, Swedish relaxation, and Craniosacral massage techniques.  In 2013, she graduated and received her massage license.  Her continuing education has been in the fields of pre and post natal massage, deep tissue massage, cupping, and structural bodywork. 

Amy believes in the power of touch and massage as an integral part of holistic health, wellness, and stress management. Every client comes into sessions with unique situations.  It is Amy's goal to listen to each of her client's concerns and adapt her treatments accordingly. It is essential in bodywork to treat each client individually, with respect and with kindness, in order to provide the best possible protocol for each person. Amy's massage sessions are dynamic and therapeutic. She creates her treatments by combining a variety of techniques, along with an intuitive approach, and over seven years of experience. ​​
"Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.”
—  Leo Buscaglia  --

Bodywork Services

Nourish your radiance

Customized massage session that will target areas where you are experiencing pain and tension. A blend of relaxation, deep tissue and myofascial techniques will help to relieve your mind and body.

Specialized massage treatment for pregnant mother's going through posture change and sore muscles.
Therapeutic massage is an excellent source for support, relief and relaxation during pregnancy and beyond. Not only does massage help to relieve physical pain and strain. Skilled, nurturing touch can also be a vital component of a woman’s support system, helping her to understand and assimilate the vastly changing dynamics during this exciting time of her life. Massage can help to create an easy, healthy pregnancy, and a confident, comfortable mother-to-be. Prenatal massage sessions are done in side-lying position at MTM.


Ancient technique that uses suction to bring blood flow to an area. This helps to break up
stagnant tissues and flush out toxins. Great for clients with specific pain and restricted range of motion.
*Cupping may leave “cupping kisses” drinking plenty of water can help to decrease the chances of this occurring*

This addition will bring focused work to your head, face and scalp, with gentle movements and calming techniques for an extra 15 minutes on top of your session.