This is my website for my account mango.bubba on tik tok

Hi everyone! It’s mango.bubba from tik tok or Olive! I thought it would be cool to make a website to have helpful tips and tricks to being an aesthetic account and just a little about me.


Aesthetic apps i reccomend

aesthetic apps i reccomend.
1. Pinterest
2. Colourtone
3. Super slime simulator
4. Picsart
5. Prequel

Pinterest : Pinterest is by far my favorite app! I get lots of inspiration on this platform. I literally get everything off there. If you dont already have pinterest, you should get it. I give it a solid 9/10

Colourtone : Colourtone is great for putting filters on pictures or videos! I love it very much althought the free verison, you do not have as much of a variety of filters. I think this is great for making aesthetic videos. Sometimes ot gets glitchy though. I would give this s 6/10

Super slime simulator : super slime simulator is just like playing with slime. You can make your own slimes and decorate them however you like! this is great if you dont have slime at home, which i dont:( the asmr, is so relaxing and the graphics are great! Althought it can be laggy sometimes. I rate it a 7/10

Picsart : Picsart is great for editing photos and videos! It has a large variety of stickers, not to mention lots of the stickers are free. It has lots of things even withoit picsart gold. You can edit others peoples posts or post your own thing for people to edit! This app can be confusing for forst timers though. I woukd give it a 9/10

Prequel : Prequel like colourtone is an aesthetic edting app. You can edit both photos and videos. There are lots of filters that are free and it is not very confusing. Sometimes it will through you out of the app or your screen will turn black when editing. This might not happen to all but its my personal exprience. I give it a 8/10

That’s it for now! If you have any apps reccomendations, i would love to hear them!