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How to become more flexible in the splits SHAKESAP

Just as a reminder these stretches must be done everyday for a minimum of 2 weeks in order for them to be effective and that they must ALL be done with both legs. A quick tip is to not rush through the excrsises and make sure they are being done to their full extent!


Do the three types of lounges

Hold each of these lounges for 30 seconds on each leg:

1. Classic lunge- your back knee is not touching the ground and your back is straight.
2. Deep lunge-- your back knee is touching the ground and your front thigh is deep into the lunge.
3. In'out lunge--this is when you go into the deep lunge and come out repeatedly.


lay down leg lift

With this you will lay down on your back and lift your leg towards your chest giving it slight pushes further down. Do this with both legs on you back for 40 seconds.


Side lunge

This is a lunge however looking at the sid elike in the picture do this for 30 seconds on both legs.


Bend back leg in lunge

This, as you can tell from the name, is a lunge however with the opposite arm bending your back leg towards you. Do this for the 30 seconds on both legs.


Sat leg lift

Sit with your back straight against a wall NOT on a chair and then hold the leg oposite to your arm and lift it up. To this high enough that you can feel a Strech then hold for 30 seconds.


Lean on front leg

Copy what is shown on the picture by bending your back leg and leaning your chest forward onto a straight leg. Do for 30 seconds on both sides.


Chair strech

Now take a chair or a bar and place your leg straight onto it and lean your body forward to its maximum capacity and hold for 30 seconds then repeat on the other side. The chair or bar s hi ould above the height of your hips.


Wall split

Place your leg up onto a wall as if your doing the splits and make sure both your legs are straight. Do this for 30 seconds then switch. You can do the front split or the back split which is the one shown in the picture. The front split is the easier option.


Try the splits

Now try the splits 30 seconds on both legs. You probably are not getting them in your first try but that is fine, you must Strech twice a day to speed up this process. However if you are getting them or are nearly there I would consider over stretching wicch will make the normal splits easier. A picture of over stretching is shown bellow!

Shakes Top Picks

Do these stretches to get rid of stitches from the previous day SHAKESAP!

Do these all on both legs for 30 seconds each!


Downward dog

Make sure you can feel your back deep in the Strech and that most of your foot is on the ground.


Bend your knees

Here you should feel a Stretch on your lower back.


Deep lunge

Your back knee touches the ground and your thigh of your front leg touches the front legs calf.



You should feel a Stretch in your abs.


Ankle reach

Try and make sure your legs are straight


Thigh stretch

Pull your back leg towards you hold then switch.