✨ Positive Affirmations ✨

⭐️ Manifest and create 💫

I am human and although many in my community of entrepreneurs believe that I always have everything under control, I am unable to maintain a state of constant happiness like the rest of the mortals. And when one day I am in danger of going from gray to black for any situation, I turn to positive affirmations to remind myself that all is not lost.

Striving to nurture my energy and maintain a positive attitude towards life has become a priority, after one of the first things I began to consciously work on my own personal development was to improve my outlook on life.

A little more than 3 years ago I began delving into this topic and little by little I have managed to build a more optimistic perspective and get rid of the expectations that did not allow me to understand how to be happy.

An attitude that over time has become more and more stable, making me not only able to see the world in a positive way when my days are good, but I can also find the positive and constructive in difficult times and keep working to achieve the life of my dreams.

Magic in your words

They are those statements that we say out loud or that we repeat ourselves mentally, to confirm to ourselves that we are capable of achieving anything we want. In short, they are positive phrases that we can use to challenge our negative thoughts.

Explained more fully, positive affirmations are those that help you overcome self-sabotage and that when you repeat them frequently and really believe in them, they will make important changes in your mood and consequently, in your life.

Just as many do physical exercises daily to improve their health, affirmations are mental exercises that reprogram our thinking so that over time, our first instinct is to face situations with good will and we can act productively.

For example, if before a meeting we stop for a few minutes to think about our best qualities, this could help us increase our confidence in ourselves and calm our nerves a bit.

Positive affirmations also counteract the effects of stress. In a test study, a short affirmation exercise caused a group of people diagnosed with chronic stress to lower their levels to that of another group classified as "low stress."



When we verbalize something and repeat it several times, sooner or later it will influence our thoughts.

If you constantly tell yourself: "I will have a great day", you will automatically visualize yourself having an incredible day and raising your vibration to the point of being prepared to see the positive in every situation.

As we have already discussed, we attract what we think, so you should start using positive affirmations to manifest your dream life.