Hey there 👋

I’m Pieper and I work with writers to better their work before they query for publishing.

My rates are as follows:

$6 per 250 words, followed up by a 1:1 session with the writer to review.

I specialize in developmental editing to help you refine the voice, plot, and arc of your story.

I’ve also helped clients develop their narratives before they put any words on the page. There is a $450 flat fee for this service, which includes a 2 hour session where we sit down and sketch out the big umbrella ideas. I’ve had writers use this time to get input on a plot they’ve already storyboarded, and we discuss the plot holes and other ways to strengthen potentially weak areas before putting the pen to paper. If you choose to further enlist my editing services on a partially or completed manuscript, you will receive 10% off the $6 per 250 word rate for the following year.

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Send all inquiries to pieperstorlie@outlook.com. Can’t wait to get creative with you !!

From Mallika -

“I highly recommend that you enlist Pieper for whatever project you’re working on. I’ve had two short stories initially rejected but then accepted once I worked with Pieper. She arrived to our FaceTime call prepared and with so many ideas. It was like she breathed a breath of fresh air into a story I had strangled.”

From Renee -

“The discussion we had was lively, you can tell that she really gets into the story, which was really motivating for me to see that people might actually be interested in the stories I want to tell. That self assurance was enough for me, and I loved the notes she wrote throughout my manuscript because it let me see her thoughts and critiques as they came up. She will ask you to double space your work when you send it so she has room to annotate, so definitely do that.”

From Jeremy -

“Pieper was pleasant to work with. I talk a lot and she was really great at bouncing ideas off of me. I admit I get distracted easily, but she refocused our attention back to the plot seamlessly.”