thank you for choosing to book with me. my name is mara and i am an intuitive, astrological and tarot reader. i have been practicing for two years now (started reading in early 2020) and i want to share my spiritual knowledge & help you heal. i am fluent in english, romanian and german so feel free to specify the language you would like me to speak when reading you.

my services —

yes / no questions - ask however many questions you want & i will tell you if the answer you’re looking for is yes or no and include a short explanation of it as well!
message from spirit guides - what do your spirit guides want to tell you? in this spread i’ll be pulling 7 cards and interpret them in detail for you.
what do you need to know right now? i’ll be pulling 10 cards to reveal the truth you need to be aware of & anything the Divine wants you to know.
channeled messages from your person - for 10.10$ you will be getting 5 cards from my homemade deck with channeled messages from the person on your mind & an intuitive explanation of them! for 15.15$ you can get 10 cards.
self love spread - using this spread we can determine the things you need to work on to improve your relationship to yourself and how to start your journey on self love! includes a pull of 15 tarot cards.