Maree Antonia

Joy, Freedom, Wealth, Living from your HEART

My life completely changed in October of 2020 when I said yes to an opportunity that found its way to me.

At the time I was on the verge of another breakdown teaching online past midnight, a baby that still till this day hasn’t slept a full night, being a full time mum of two children and running a not for profit that operated multiple times a week.

“When this opportunity came to me, I knew it was exactly what I had been asking for, my soul yearning”

I gave up my teaching career, reduced our NFP to only monthly events and now I live my days doing the things I absolutely love to do, a life rich of choice, savouring the sweet precious moments with my children, travel, harnessing my creative abilities and consciously creating the life I dreamed of.

Ultimately living my life from my heart, with Joy, Freedom & Wealth

I truly believe we were meant to be FREE, spending our time doing the things we LOVE and enjoying the gift of life we were all blessed with, however that looks for you....

~✨We really can have it all~✨

If you would like to see exactly what I am talking about and whether this opportunity could potentially align with you, watch this free webinar by the beautiful mumma Brooke, her journey is super inspiring and I love her energy.

*This opportunity isn’t only for mummas but for EVERYONE to thrive!

Want more?! FREE two day LIVE webinar

April 26th & 27th 10am AEST 60minutes

Freedom is our BIRTH RIGHT

Call in more Freedom....

** “The things I do in this life are a projection of my spirit and soul... Living each day through my heart and becoming a Better,stronger wiser, Version of myself. Mentally and physically as each day passes..... Flowing peacefully to the rhythm of life, Eternally Loving and shining in light”.....***

- Maree Antonia Lekkas,September 2012

Last night I stumbled across this wisdom ^
From my 22 year old self. All my writings from
back then are overflowing with exactly what I am currently feeling and am consciously creating right now in my life...


✨living from my heart


✨ Becoming the best version of myself

and.... inspiring others to do the same!!!

We were meant to live freely, spending our time doing the things we LOVE with joy in our hearts.

I call in FREEDOM now more then ever....

I feel its time to shine

Once I had kids I thought the normal was to be a burnt out tired mumma, but I am now paving a new way, for me, them and the generations to come....

~Freedom is our birth right and to live our lives enjoying life, should be the new normal~✨

I am so grateful for the opportunity that is allowing me to do this....

Who is with me?! Click the link to see whether this opportunity could align for you too....

* Photo My 22 year old self Modelling in Mexico

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