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Creating the life that you want and deserve

Creating a life that’s sustainable and financially free, that is the mission and that is the future. Learning and earning 😉 Hi world my name is Maria spreading kindness, love and support to all those people out there making a positive difference in anyway shape or size becoming a better individual creating a better life and world for ourselves and future generations.

Be the change you want to see..

Join me on this Journey of self discovery, sustainable living and becoming financially free.

CFX is an Educational Platform

Join our team as we grow and become financially free

The CFX platform uses Bitcoin to purchase packs, yes that all so new and exciting online currency that is getting more and more popular.

How exciting!!! You not only have traders doing the trading for you but you will be introduced into the new and exciting world of crypto currency.

If your new to the crypto world, like me this aspect of the CFX platform has helped me understand and become more confident in the online space and the crypto world and how it works and how it is changing the way we live, do business and buy and sell online and in the real world.

How do I purchase a pack?
Purchasing a pack can be a little difficult if your new to purchasing Bitcoin, but have no fear if your in our team we can take you through all the neccessary steps through a zoom/messenger/FaceTime or through one of handy guides below.

How do I store Bitcoin?
Crypto wallets, transfers your cash into Bitcoin. You will need to download a crypto wallet through your App Store below are our favs.
- Exodus
- Wirex
- Binance
- Coinbase
There are different ways you can transfer your cash into Bitcoin I use and have used easycrypto (NZ).

To join the CFX family you will need to be referred from one of the members already in CFX, this is just another level of security to ensure our assets and team are safe.

Join our team today, the longer you wait the more potential earnings you lose.

CFX start up

Becoming a CFX team member

Exodus Wallet

Crypto wallet for purchases and withdraws

Great way to purchase crypto instantly, i use this quite a bit