About —

Passionately interacting with people from different backgrounds & aspirations in life.

Journalist, Communications and Business Strategist Specialist.

I am all about connecting with people in a very meaningful way: storytelling. I’ve been able to successfully conduct interviews with public figures, politicians, educators, entrepreneurs and others—and share their stories through audio platforms and print media such as newspapers and magazines.

Accredited by the United States Press Agency as an Investigative Journalist, I am fully able to access and establish communication between agencies, companies, public and private institutions all around the world and that allows me to continue with storytelling projects and my investigations on Human Trafficking, Smuggling across the U.S-Mexico Border, South America Trafficking Rings, among others.

Performing internal and external B2B & B2C communications including market research, due diligence, logistics, written reports and private data analysis information have been on my duties for the past years.

As a servant leader from heart and through the years, I’ve been able to engage with the community and collaborate as a supporter for children in needs at the Ronald McDonald House of Charities, as an Educational and Multicultural Speaker for the University of Florida International Center, as a leader and young girls mentor for the organization I Am That Girl, and as a communications specialist mentor for the platform Mentee. I am continuing my advocacy for education and passion for giving back to the community through my self-founded project Well Educated America.

I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and Media Studies, and a Master’s Degree in Entertainment Business. Awarded with Entertainment & Media Industry Scholarship for Women, Dedication Scholarship, and Global Achievement Scholarship.

“There will always be a reason why you meet others!”——I would love to hear from you!

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I could help you with —

all media related, internal and external b2b & b2c communication, and more:

• Share your story through different media outlets. We all have something to share. What’s your story?

• Media relationship. How to attract media to you? Why should media care/share what you are—personal brand, business, artist, personality, and event or campaign; why should media spread the word? Let me help you find out!

• Preparation for an interview— to lead the interview or to get interviewed.

• International reach out, public & private entities relationship.

• Social Organizations— activities, support, and the reason why you should care about it.

• Copywriting

• Pitch article ideas

• Marketing strategies

• Public Relations strategies

• Press Release— writing & distribution

• Mentorship sessions— let’s talk about it!

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