A Lot About Little Me

So who the heck am I?

Hi, all! I’m so pleased to see you’ve made it to my hub of Mariah content links. For those who don’t personally know me, please allow me to introduce myself!

I grew up on the Fort Apache Indian Reservation in northeastern Arizona. I am half White Mountain Apache and half Navajo. As a former Rodeo Queen, I am definitely comfortable holding a conversation and some of my coworkers may even argue that I like to talk a tad too much about my favorite true crime podcasts. Speaking of work, I enjoy weekdays filled with chainsaw maintenance and operation with a pretty cool fuels and restoration crew. In the evenings and on weekends you may find me guiding horseback trail rides as a wrangler at a local equestrian center. Any other free time I have is devoted to my own personal horses and preparing for practices with the equestrian drill team that I love being apart of.

Though that may seem like a lot, trust me there’s more. The mostly outdoor life I live can be taxing on my 5’1 frame, which is why working out is vital for me to keep up with my horses and coworkers. I prefer to do this by hiking or running and in 2021 I was introduced to weight training.

However, I have to come inside sometimes for classes that I take part time. Mental work can be just as rigorous as a tough workout though. In order to allow my mind to be taken away from numbers and science, I enjoy a good audiobook or listening to music. Anyway, I hope you stick around because there are bound to be some good pictures and videos to come out of a life like mine and I’d love to share them with you all!