My name is Mariah Bright - Driven by Faith.

Welcome to my page I’m so thrilled to
connect with you! My main goal is to inspire you with my words & set up a great example for you to use in your life. Ever since I switched my mindset to a new approach it has left me with astonishing results. I’m elated you’ve decided to visit my page - please browse
my site to discover what I’m all about.


A little bit about me in a nutshell.

I graduated the year of 2020 and I want to pursue my dream of becoming a Motivational Speaker/Author/Business Owner. I’m an extrovert, lover of Jesus, and i love the gym life, and coffee! I’ve always connected with people well & enjoy building relationships with people. I mentor people everyday on social media & whom ever I come across.
It’s crazy because Covid has changed my life and is the start of my story. I’ve benefited very greatly because of the year 2020 and it has come with a lot of great opportunities for me. I am not the same person as I am now before Covid and I am so thankful to be intelligent & have an open mindset. My passion truly is to make a difference in individuals lives through my words. I enjoy mentoring, inspiring, & uplifting people, and even sharing stories.

My Top Picks


Im pretty sure the last time you picked up a book was back in high school & you might have started to fall asleep on your desk. Well, that’s because you didn’t even read a good book! You need to read something draws you to your best interest, OR if you don’t enjoy reading listen to a podcast! Not just any podcast or book though - it must inspire & bring value to your life. Personal Development is key to your life & a lot of people lack it. This is a way for you to access your skills & life goals to fulfill your potential & purpose. Personal Development will change the way you live your life & will help you to strive & reach your full potential. These are some of my fav reads down below - and I may add on overtime who knows! I love learning so more is never enough!