Why do I need insurance?

Unfortunately life’s journey is not always as smooth as we want it to be. Unexpected events may trip us up in life or stop us from living every day to the fullest. For those events that could be expensive, insurance can cover the costs, so that you don’t have to. Insurance is key to you being able to focus on the important things in life, because it will ensure financial security for you and your family should anything unfortunate happen.

Here’s how:

1. Health insurance helps pay your bills should you develop certain illnesses or suffer from injury or disability.
2. Income protection safeguards your salary by replacing it should you become unable to work.
3. Life insurance provides financially for your loved ones should you become unable to work. Having this type of insurance enables them to continue enjoying a comfortable lifestyle with minimum worry.
4. Education and retirement plans allow you to achieve what is important to you – be it an overseas education for your children or a comfortable standard of living during your retirement years.
5. Endowment plans do more than help you build up savings to pass on to your spouse or children. They can also be used to cover medium- to long-term goals, such as a property upgrade, higher education, and perhaps fund a break from work.

Now you know why you need it.