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Maria Hoisington

Hello happiness

I'm just a regular hot mess mom!! I live in Minnesota and hate the cold💁‍♀️ I've got 6 kids between 6 and 16, and embarass them daily😅 ! don't have my ish together, and I don't need to! I come as I am, fearfully and wonderfully made🙌

I love outdoors, playing games, reading, coffee, sarcasm and Jesus.

For the last 9 years I've been helping other hot mess mama's find freedom, fun, happiness and confidence.

Prior to this I was a struggling, broke mess! I suffer from something called PMDD which puts my depression, anxiety, breakdowns and mom voice into hyperdrive👉 until I drank this sweet kick a** cup of coffee, and my ENTIRE LIFE changed! I have energy to run circles around my kids, I'm nicer, handle stress better + lost 15 lbs💁‍♀️

Financially we went from foreclosure, bankruptcy, and more month than there was money👏👏 to financial freedom.

7 months into my social selling journey I was able to ditch my crappy job, that didn't even pay me enough in the first place. It's given us options! The ability to vacation when we want, put 6 kids in the activities and sports they choose, and not have to put stuff back when checking out at the store.

Keep swiping through to hear more❤ XOXO Maria

What do I do?

I share happiness in a cup!

Let's face it, you're tired, burnout, worn out, can't handle stress well, using the mom voice way too much!! I've got you! Enter happiness in a cup 👉 coffee, cocoa, lemonade, tea or even capsules!
They literally make you feel happier, handle the stress, more patient and less ruminating thoughts! Energy, bye bye pain and headaches👏 Plus shed those unwanted pounds!