Tell the world what is your favorite scent

Ever walk into a home and smell something so amazing and the first thing you think about is what is that smell? Yeah thats my house in every room! Once I got my first product I knew it was the start of a journey I wasnt going to be able to stop with, and that is why Im so happy to start this journey and have you apart of it with me. But I cannot do this without everyones help so I want to let you know a bit about me so its not always just business talk.
Im a happy young girl with an amazing boyfriend that enjoys the scents just as much as I do. So you can see hes someone who helps push me from the side lines. We have a gorgeous dog as our baby, Athena.
We have a baby boy on the way coming in September & Scentsy helped me do that goal. Having the extra income, having the chance to stay home and be able to be a SAHM because of everything Scentsy does for me, truly is a deal come true.

I’ve been sharing my love of Scentsy since October 2020 and have been promoted up to Scentsy Star Consultant, giving me bigger and brighter goals to reach every day.

This time last year I would of NEVER seen myself doing something like this and even when I started I didn’t see it going well, but now I’m doing it and doing it great and striving every single day.

Thank you for coming to my page and always reach out for any ideas on what would be an amazing scent for your home.

Much love.