❣︎ Don’t let others convince you an idea is bad when your gut tells you otherwise ❣︎

Hey beauties! I’m Maria, I’m 20 and a girl who just loves to explore nature and be active and meet amazing new people! Positivity is key!

I’ve always been told if you want something bad enough and work hard for it you will achieve whatever goal/dream you have set for yourself. Make your dreams a reality!!

So, I’ve struggled for years with jobs, whether it’s 9-5, crazy hours, bad pay, lack of motivation, terrible management no job really seemed to fit me.

That’s why I’ve decided to take a huge step and make my dreams come true! I’ve always looked at influencers pages on social and thought I’d never get the opportunity to give it a go and I wish I had a life like that.. When I got the opportunity i was stoked and just couldn’t wait! I mean who can pass up the chance of working with amazing motivational girls who constantly are lifting you up and pushing you to reach your full potential while doing whatever you want whenever with no one telling you that you can’t and without having to take time off of work?! I don’t think anyone can!

Becoming an influencer can one day give me what I’ve always wanted, to be financially stable on my OWN! To travel the world and live my best life knowing I can work from anywhere I choose, just the thought of it is so awesome!!!

Wanna give it a try? All it takes is the initial step!

There’s a few links to make the same change I did and take a step toward freedom!