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Welcome to Maribeth Plus Size Mananahi @Tiktok! I personally cut and sew all my Plus Size "Terno" sewing and clothing products such as sleeveless dress, spaghetti dress, pajama t-shirt, tokong t-shirt, t-shirt short, sleeveless short, velvet shorts and more.

Also, most of my Plus Size sewing and clothing items are made from comfortable cotton spandex fabic and fit sizes from 2XL up to 5XL..

FB Page: Maribeth Plus Size Mananahi

YouTube Channel: Maribeth Amista

Plus Size Sewing & Clothing Business

Welcome to YouTube Channel Maribeth Amista. I'm Maribeth Amista and I'm your Taytay Sewing Entrepreneur.

In this channel, we will highlight videos which conceptualize on sewing and clothing. I have my own sewing and clothing business and I'm the one who personally does all the pattern design, tracing, folding, cutting and sewing of my durable cotton spandex fabric clothing products.

I want to share my skill and interest about sewing and clothing to other people through my sewing and clothing YouTube Channel . This way, I can help influence & inspire people to start their own sewing and clothing business. Examples of the sewing items I sew are female shorts with pocket, dolphin shorts, velvet shorts, tokong, terno tops & shorts, square pants, dress (knee-length/below the knee), filipino duster dress, maxi dress & more.

I also feature sewing and clothing tips that can boost extra income by Facebook live selling, online tiangge, online selling business idea and thrift fabric finds.

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Explore Toktok Sulit Padala Rates. I'm also looking for Toktok Delivery Riders.

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