A 5-month Mastermind for emerging thought leaders

Update: We are sold out! Spots were filled before we ever opened the doors to the public so the only way to join next round is to join the waitlist here.

Monetize your thought leadership and become incomparable in the market, in a Mastermind that centers the lived experiences of women of color.

You will learn approaches I used to build a business that surpassed half a million in 2.5 years, with minimal marketing, even as a single mother on a healing journey.

That being said, this mastermind will be SO much more than business. You will…..

1. MONETIZE YOUR MINDSET: Adopt the behaviors and identity of a sought-after expert, and build unshakable self trust in the process.

We will center the lived experiences of women of color with a trauma-informed approach and unpack the reasons why business often feels so hard.

We’ll also bring in guest experts in nervous system regulation, so you can expand your capacity to manage and receive more.

2. MONETIZE YOUR MARKETING: Incorporate the thought leadership you already have into your offer and marketing, so you become incomparable in the market.

3. MONETIZE YOUR PERSONAL BRAND: Expand your reach and build a highly visible personal brand that attracts collaborations and clients who can’t wait to work with you.

Weekly group coaching calls (total of 20)
Bi-monthly private coaching calls with me (total of 3)

Investment: TBD for July but a $1500 deposit will

secure your spot.

Mastermind begins in late July.

If you’re even thinking of joining or have been wanting to work with me, I highly recommend scheduling a discovery call as soon as my calendar opens.

My private coaching waitlist is 3 months long so my clients always take EARLY action. Therefore the mastermind may be filled by the time we launch publicly.

And if you join now, you’ll have monthly calls with me until the mastermind begins. I can’t wait to be your coach :)

In the meantime, please join the waitlist.

Hi, I’m Mariela!

Business & Leadership Coach for WOC

In a society that profits from keeping women and WOC small, stepping into our power as leaders and CEOs takes some unlearning.

It’s what I had to do, growing a quarter of a million dollar business as a First Gen single mother in my first two years of business.

My clients are brilliant, high achieving WOC. They feel a strong sense of purpose in what they do. They hold themselves to ridiculously high-standards.

But sometimes, they also need help not burning out, truly believing in their own expertise, and getting clear on their most marketable brilliance.

I help my clients become thought leaderswho are incomparable in the market.

They grow peaceful, profitable businesses where they can fully trust themselves.

They’ve hit their biggest months, replaced their income from their 9-5, and are sought-after for their expertise.

About me: I’m a single mama, eldest daughter of immigrants, a 16-year Marketing Director, and an expert in leadership and EQ.

My current clients are from all backgrounds:
✔️Early stage WOC & First Gen entrepreneurs.
✔️7 and 8 figure CEOs
✔️People with ADHD
✔️People with demanding full time jobs.
✔️WOC actively healing from generational trauma