Pressed Floral Resin Boards

Made with love by Jasmyn Marie

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Background on my florals

Choosing the right flower

Since the start of the pandemic, I tried my best to have fresh flowers around our home. It was something about waking up at 6am, having my cup of coffee and enjoying those flowers that kick started my day. Most of my flowers are from my small garden, bouquets I have bought for my mom, or walks that I take with my daughter in the early morning. There are also some small shops I do like buying specific flowers from. I love choosing flowers that I think will look beautiful on a specific board or choosing them based on mood. All in all, I choose flowers I hope everyone will love and enjoy when they see them on their board.


My Newest Obsession- The color, the delicate petals and just their overall femininity makes these my absolute favorite right now.

Everything Floral


A quick guide on pressing flowers

Tip #1 Fresh is Best

Choosing the right flower to press is key to preservation. One thing I always like to keep in mind is “fresh is best”. The fresher the flower, the better it will press (along with their vibrant color). Petals that have wilted or bruised will not press well. Additionally, I love using different pressing techniques depending on the type of flower I want to use for a specific piece. I love buying floral bouquets or even going to my local farmers market for fresh flowers. I grow roses, fresh lavender, sweet lavender, jasmine & gardenias in my small garden that I love going to pick from.

Tip #2 Low Petal Count Does Count!

Fleshier florals are much harder to press. Go for single petal flowers, such as cosmos, daisies, single petal roses & delphinium. Much larger florals like garden roses, ranunculus and dahlias will be tough to press since they hold more moisture. I’ve pressed ranunculus and garden roses before, it is possible. It will just take longer. When pressing flowers, I like using printer paper or even unprinted newspaper. These types of paper usually soak up the moisture. Parchment paper is less desirable since the moisture has nowhere to go and your flower will brown and rot in your press.


Marie’s Floral Art & Resin Boards

I am an avid lover of all things floral. I love pressing flowers and all the beautiful things you can create and do with them. Making these lovely creations is calming and something I love to do when relaxing.