Marilda Bardhi

Live your life in your own terms

Hello you an amazing creature on the earth this is Marilda and I am from Albania. My journey in the states has started 3 years ago and have had so many ups and downs. Hopefully a part of my story will inspire you to take action and do things even when you don’t have answers for all the questions but you believe that God will figure that out for you when your intentions are good. I have been living in the states 3 years now. I left everything I had my family, my friends, colleagues, and a very nice job back in my country and came all by my own in a country where all I knew was that everyone dreamed to come here. I did know some English but not enough to start the master so started English classes. I felt unworthy and not valued because on my mind was created the idea that if you don’t know English you have nothing to give. I isolated myself and did not make friends or do things that give me joy. Imagine how much I missed my country. I missed my job my life my parents and the worst part was that I could not complain to anyone because I did not ask anyone for my decision, I had to deal on my own for everything. The city I am living in now is not as big and doesn’t give you enough opportunities to grow. However, my goal was to finish school and find a job. That was all I wanted to achieve. And guess what I did them both.
The 3 year journey has been challenging for me, however, I have changed and learn a lot and now I am grateful that I have gone through that pain because I have become stronger.
There are so many beautiful things on my way to come and can’t wait to share them with you every day.
Thanks for taking the time to read just a part of my journey in this life.

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