About Marinajfry

Hello, nice to meet you!

🙋Hi, this is Marinajeffry and I'm mixed Chinese and Malay. I'm from Johor, Malaysia.🔴🔵🇲🇾

I am currently growing my Beauty, Health and Wellness business and I am part of the Globalstars team.✨

I am someone who has a high taste in everything and when it comes to health and wellness care, I always want the best.🌟

A little about me, I like to sing and always open about it in public but you will only witness it live when you are close to me.🎤

Last but not least, I am the right brain so everything like art, music, photography and writing is my favorite and that’s why I have a Diploma in Architecture, I guess. 😂

You can dm me @marinajeffry_

Globalstars Team

Never too young to be successful!

Globalstars Team is a team that invites young people to believe that success can be embrace without differences background, cultural and field differences.

We are together and help each other with the same desire which is to achieve our dreams with NuSkin.

Our team has produced many young people who have succeeded in becoming entrepreneurs who are not only innovative and creative but also capable of leading their team.

We earn money with helped a passionate line of leaders, and effective ways of working, a positive team and flexible working hour.

Want to join us?

Visit @teamglobalstars

ageLOC Lumispa

An industry game changer.

The Lumispa is the first dual-action skin care system in history that deep-cleanses and renews skin in just one step.

It only takes two minutes to complete your treatment, and you can have softer , smoother skin after just one use!


✅Skin renewal.



✅Minimizes appearance of pores.

✅More refreshed look.

✅Increase appearance of volume & density.

✅Purified skin.