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Have you been interested in doing what I do? Are you interested in the beauty industry? Do you want more freedom of your time? Do you want to make your own hours & be your own boss? Have unlimited earning potential?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you’re one step closer to achieving your beauty and financial goals✨

Here’s a little about me & why I started up my own business with the company :

As you probably know already, my name is Marisa & I live in Ontario, Canada! I’m 20 years young .
After high-school, I had no idea where I wanted to take my life. I only knew these things : That I loved anything beauty and that I wanted to travel as much as I could. I needed freedom. Really, who doesn’t crave freedom?

I originally wanted to go to school to become a Medical Esthetician but I knew that I didn’t want to jump right back into school again. I also knew I didn’t want to end up working a normal 9-5 job.
I knew that I needed something more. I wanted to be able to travel whenever I want and have the most freedom of my time.

Fast forward to when I discovered Monat. I was presented the opportunity in 2018, but I was sceptical. So I didn’t take the jump until 2020.
I know it sounded like it was exactly what I NEEDED in my life but I thought “ is this too good to be true?” I was SO intrigued by everything the company had to offer. So I was watching from the sidelines, for 2 years. I started seeing what other people in the business were achieving. I saw how so many people were becoming SO successful and living their dream lives from selling shampoo... but I also learned that it was so much more than just selling shampoo.

I finally decided it was time to make a change and put my future in my own hands if I really wanted that life too. I wish that I had started sooner because I can only imagine where I’d be now.

I have already successfully started to build a life that I have always dreamt of and it’s only just the start. Not to mention I was able to boost my confidence, self esteem and find something I’m truly passionate about. I’ve met amazing people that I wouldn’t have without this business and improved my skin/hair health by making the switch to clean products!

If you want to make a change in your life like I did, whether it be healthier hair, clearer skin or bigger paycheques then let’s talk⚡️

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