Hey you 🤍

Whether you’re here to check out what I have to offer OR you’re looking to level up your hair/skin routine, I’m glad to have you here Xx

Let’s break it down —

So what do I do exactly …..

Well I’m a Beauty Mentor X Content Creator

Are you interested in clean beauty ?
Looking to level up your daily routine ?
Want more freedom & control of your time ?
Make your own hours & be your own boss?

If you answered yes to any of those.. then you’re now one step closer to achieving your beauty and/or financial goals ✨

If you don’t already know me, let me tell you a little about me & why I decided to get involved with Network Marketing :

Heyy xoxo, I’m Marisa if you didn’t already know & I’m 21 years young. I live in a small town in Ontario, Canada by the Detroit Border & I’m beauty/fashion obsessed.

After I finished high-school in 2018, I had no idea where I wanted to take my life. I only knew these things : That I loved anything beauty and that I wanted to travel as much as I could. I knew I needed to have freedom of my time & I mean, who doesn’t crave freedom ?

I originally wanted to go to College or University to become a Medical Esthetician but I knew that I didn’t want to jump right back into school again. I also knew I didn’t want to work a regular 9-5 job. It just wasn’t for me & I craved more. So finally I took it into my own hands to create that for myself & I took the leap and started my own business in May of 2020. Hands down has been the best decision I’ve ever made.

Not only do I get to share the BEST beauty products on a daily basis W my friends//family//followers but I’ve GENUINELY built the best relationships with people from all over the world, levelled up my hair & skin to its HEALTHIEST/best state ever and I’ve glowed up in every aspect. Mentally, physically & emotionally.

I won’t lie, I watched from the sidelines for about 2 years before I took the jump. I was scared & skeptical just like so many people were and still are to take on something like this BUT I also saw many people becoming SO incredibly successful & thought to myself “if they can do it, why can’t I” the secret is tho, YOU CAN & it’s so much more than just selling shampoo 🤍

Fast forward to 2022, I have successfully started to build a life that I always dreamt of and it’s only just the beginning. Not to mention I was able to boost my confidence & self esteem and find something that I’m truly passionate about 🤍

If you’re ready to make a change whether it be levelling up your hair/skin routine or your bank account, then let’s talk ! Xoxo

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