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Short descriptions of the services offered by Marisol Vibración. Swipe for details on each service.

Card Readings
In need of some spiritual guidance? Consult the cards (Tarot or Oracle) through Marisol to glean some insight about your current situation.

Astrology Readings
Curious about how the universe co-conspired your creation? Using the Placidus house system, Marisol can read your birth chart and shed light on your energetic wiring through the language of the stars and planets. Walk away with a greater understanding of how to read your own chart!

Begin or continue your yoga journey with Marisol as your guide! In recognition that asana is often over-represented as the only form of yoga in the West, Marisol ensures that her clients receive a robust experience of yoga as a way of life. She instructs on the other limbs of yoga, grounded in the rich history and culture that this South Asian way of life emerges from.

Spiritual Work
Searching for spiritual assistance in your life? Marisol and her spirit team are here to help! Clear and reset the energy in your space with cleansing. Refresh your personal energy with a spiritual bath. Call in assistance with your intentions with candle magic.

Private Events/Parties
Hosting a housewarming party or corporate event? Book Marisol to offer readings to your guests! You can even pair it with a drag performance for a fused, unique experience! Contact through DM or email (listed below).

Package deals available if you’re interested in creating a container specifically designed for you and your intentions. Contact Marisol for a free discovery call through IG DM @marisolvibracion or email [email protected]

Astrology Readings

Rediscover yourself through the language of astrology

Birth chart readings are an excellent way to get acquainted with yourself from a new perspective. Using the language of astrology and the Placidus house system, Marisol takes a deep dive into your chart prior to the session. During a reading, you can find out about some of your natural strengths as well as areas in your life that may call for more finessing and balancing. Well suited for any time of year, but particularly around your birthday!

$150 (sliding scale available) for a 60-min reading

Tarot/Card Readings

Marisol consults the cards on your behalf for inquiries and insight

30 min | $60 (sliding scale available)
60 min | $120 (sliding scale available)
Private Parties/Events | $200/hr

Some decks Marisol loves to use include:

Her go-to deck, Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas is in the Rider-Waite-Smith tradition. This special deck was created by a Black femme with a mind to representation for Black clientele.

The Thoth Tarot is the first of its tradition of tarot decks. This deck is succinct and goes deep!

The Moonology Oracle deck taps into some gorgeous, lunar energy for its messages.


Marisol offers yoga classes in the Vinyasa Flow style, as well as Yin and Restorative Yoga

Join in a yoga experience that honors asana along with the other limbs of the Eight Limbed Path of Yoga.

Private and semi-private offerings available. In person and virtual.

60 min | $150 (sliding scale available) for private classes.

Spiritual Work

Have your space cleansed, refresh yourself with a spiritual bath, light a magically fixed candle

Space Cleansing | $121
Just moved into a new place? Having trouble sleeping at your current space? Feeling stuck? While popular, white sage and palo santo aren’t always potent enough or appropriate for certain energies, and they suffer from over harvesting. This spiritual cleansing removes undesired energies from your space to bring about clarity and peace.

Spiritual Bath | $49
Currently I am offering white baths to cleanse off stagnant energies from your person and spiritually refresh you.

Fixed Candles | $21/27/33/40 depending on the type of candle.
$24 for a white 3-day candle. Available in the intentions “Peace,” “Prosperity,” and “Protection.”
$29 for a 7-day candle of the above intentions or one color coded to the chakra system. Currently available for Root, Sacral, Throat, and Third Eye Chakras.
$33 for a 7-day candle of custom intention. Ideas: Self-Love, Health, Victory.
$40 for a pull-out candle of custom intention. Especially suited for intentions of clearing things out or reversing energy.

Marisol Vibración

About Marisol

NYC (Lenape, Canarsie, and Wappinger Land) Local Marisol Espinoza Viera provides a variety of healing and spiritual services through her brand Marisol Vibración. This name was inspired by the vibrational energy that all her work puts out into the world—vibrations of love, healing, and empowerment. Her services include card readings; birth chart readings; yoga and Zumba fitness classes; candle magic; and spiritual cleanses and baths. She approaches her work from a queer, intersectional, and trauma-informed perspective. Swipe onwards for details on current offerings, events, and specials!

NB: Marisol is committed to the collective healing and liberation of Black, trans, brown, and queer communities. If you have an offering or event to benefit these communities, do not hesitate to reach out to Marisol about pro bono yoga classes.