Hey There Darling!

My name is Marissa but you can call me Mar!

I’m a 24 year old faith-filled lady, naturopathic nerd, and elementary school teacher. I spend my down time hanging out with friends & family, spreading love through my social media platforms, and playing with my cat Romeo. If you know me, I have a huge passion for natural health and wellness companies. For the last 2.5 years I have been involved in network marketing businesses and a few months ago I found my forever home!

I joined this opportunity without even trying out the products first because of the community and compensation plan...not to mention it was a free sign up, so why not right?! In my first month I got $190 in product credit just from showing up on my social media every day - I love how this company lets you thrive completely free 🤩

I want to help all of you beautiful women not only feel the best you possibly can by filling all your nutritional gaps naturally, but I want to help you thrive in this business because it’s 100% possible. Yes it takes time...but it is NOT hard if you put your mind to it! I along with my amazing team will help you reach your goals - you never walk alone in this business.

I am so thankful for finding a second family. This business is more than just trying to reach the top in sales...it’s about creating a family of ambitious, empowering women who all share a passion for nutrition, self-love & inner beauty.

If you are ready to break through your inner beliefs, increase your bank account, and join an empowering community...then you are in the right place girlfriend!

See my links below! Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to shoot me a DM to say Hi! I love new faces 🤍


Whats the Thrive 3 Step Program?!

Want to change YOUR Life by changing the way you start each day?!

We’re an all natural premium grade nutrition company, and here at LeVel our main product is what we call our 3 step experience nutritional system. Our products are non toxic, non gmo, gluten free✌🏼

Our Three Steps contain...

1. Capsules AKA human jumper cables. These bad boys wake you up instantly in the morning and blast your body with 12 vitamins and minerals. These capsules are jam packed with natural caffeine, immune support, and help with weight management.

2. Lifestyle Shakes come in a handful of tasty flavours like vanilla, pumpkin spice, chocolate, strawberry & apple pie. They work to curb your appetite for 4-6 hours while providing your body with energy, and help with weight management. These little shakes contain 15g of protein, 1500mg of superfoods, 22 vitamins and minerals, and enzymes for digestive health.

3. The worlds very first and only wearable nutrition known as the DFT (Derma-Fusion Technology). These mighty patches work to fill your nutritional gaps, increase energy, and help stabilize your mood. There are a variety of different DFTs to choose from depending on what your goals are - I can help you with this!

Check out below the links to each of these products! Send me a message if you have any questions or want a free health and wellness consultation 💜

Lifestyle Capsules

Lifestyle Shakes

Lifestyle DFT

There are a variety of colours and styles depending on what you need!