Project Heal Ambassador


My 20th birthday is approaching (09/05) and this year I am raising money as a project heal ambassador. project heal helps those struggling with eating disorder find resources and financial help. Treatment saved my life and I know I’m very fortunate to have been able to receive treatment as many are not able to.
Only 5/50 with eating disorders seek treatment and only 1/5 of those receive treatment with many being sent home weeks before they’re ready because of finances and lack of resources.
Help me make an impact and save lives💙

About Me

What I do and why I do it

Hello! I’m Marissa, I’m 19 years old and attend Harford community college and I’m on the path to apply to PTA programs this year! This year has brought many to challenges to all of us, and it’s given me the time to truly appreciate life and work on my physical and mental health.

I’ve struggled with my mental health for years. Including recovering from Anorexia nervosa, dealing with anxiety and major depressive disorder.
One of the hardest things when it comes to dealing with this is finding ways to feel my best and be excited about things.

However this all recently changed:)
I now work with an amazing company selling hair and skin care products. These products have changed many people’s hair and can be a life saver when it comes to damaged hair and skin from an eating disorder.
I’m here to help you feel your best and help you grow:)

Work with me!

An amazing business opportunity along with a community of strong and caring women

Are you a college student, single mom, part-time worker, looking to make extra income, tired of the 9-5

I have what you’ve been looking for!
Modern Nature allows you to make your own hours, work wherever you are, all while using amazing products that help you as well.
Message me to learn more, I’d love to talk to you about this opportunity and get to know you!

The Business

Change your hair change your life!

Welcome to Modern Nature🦋🌷 An amazing company whose products are all VEGAN.
From hair care, skin care, health & wellness, all the way to pet care we have you covered!

VIP clients receive:
~15% of all purchases and up to 25% off on orders (based on amount purchased)
~free shipping
~free products
~birthday coupons

Why wait?! You could have these amazing products with great extras!