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Let me tell you a little about myself..

I am a 24 year old gal, I love staying active, I love inspiring others to become a better version of themselves.💕 I am a family type of gal, I love caring for others, I always try to help others out in any possible way. I was raised by a single, very strong mother, who taught me to not just look out for yourself but for others as well, to go after my dreams no matter the obstacles it may come with.

Now let me explain a little about what this is.
I was introduced to an amazing opportunity which I wasn’t so sure off at first because you know, we are trained to think everything isn’t what it seems. It is a natural based vegan hair and skin care line, which now has a healthy revolution line (mainly for my gym freaks). It is the first in it’s industry as an anti aging line and is the fastest growing hair care company in the U.S right now. Has become a billion dollar company in only 5 years, which it took Starbucks 25 years, WOAH! The products are not just personalized for everyone to get healthy hair & remove the damage out from inside out BUT they are definitely VEGAN, ANTI-AGING, CRUELTY FREE, NATURALLY BASED, and HAS NO HARSH CHEMICALS.

After trying out the products myself for a few months, I had realized how much my hair has improved after I switched to nontoxic products. As you can see, I have curls and it does require a lot of maintenance at times, I always struggled with finding the right products for my hair which it motivated me to help other queens with their hair concerns. The fact I am able to work this business anywhere (from home, work, gym, etc.) is what I love the most!
It’s not only about the products, it’s about making an impact on someone else’s life! Helping others have an extra source of income, want better for themselves, live debt free, live the life they want, enjoy their time more with their family and loved ones. In this environment, there’s tons of growth, passion, dreamers.
If you are a GOAL GETTER, join us now. 🙃
Please feel free to reach out with any concerns or questions.