Marta L. Miranda

Daughter of a King 🙏🏼👑, sister, auntie, godmother, bestie, educator and aspiring businesswoman

With one chance and one life in this world, one has to make sure it is utilized in the best way possible. With that said, I am determined to use this platform to support and encourage women of all ages, backgrounds and walks of life. To encourage them that it is never to late to follow new dreams even if it means taking any age!

I have been an educator for most of my life. Through the good and bad, I have loved almost every minute of’s what I was born to do. After a lot of reflection, and having entered what I call “Phase 2” of my life, I am now more open to taking “risks” and “stepping out of my comfort zone”. This was a huge taboo for me...I enjoy “comfort”’s familiar to me.... but comfort will not get me anywhere that I aspire to be! Fear will keep me there!!

I remember thinking...Do I remain in my “fear” zone and wonder “what if?” or take the leap of faith and hope for the best???

Yup! I took the leap!!!👏👏👏

With that said, I started my journey on social media, on a public platform AND I recently connected with an incredible hair and skincare business that I am super passionate about. Business women? Me??? For those that KNOW me.. they know that I would never stand behind anyone or anything I do not believe in. Was I skeptical at first? YES. Did it take over a year to give it a try? YES. Did I do my research? YES Do I regret it? YES..I regret not starting sooner!! I LOVE doing what I do (oh and YES ..I am still teaching...have not given up my first love yet) but this “business” is ..wonderful! I have a second stream of income, incredible products that I use daily, tons of professional development to help me grow as an entrepreneur AND the best part? A family of beautiful and amazing women (all ages/backgrounds) that support and encourage one another!! It’s a win-win for me!!! I could go on and on but I am running out of space. 😂😂

MONAT is the name. It stands for Modern Nature. They are vegan /plant based products! 🌱

Interested in learning more, ordering or joining my team?? Tap on the link below..

Take the leap of will not regret it! 💙