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I'm Mary-Ashley

A mom of 5 living in Central Massachusetts. I'd describe myself as an outspoken introvert thats passionate about self love, mental health, supporting other parents, and finding what sparks joy in this daily grind 🌟 I'm a "tell it like it is" mama who doesn't sugar coat how hard AF parenting and life can be (know what I'm sayin?)

I have a soft spot for retail management but my true calling has been staying home with my babies.
Being able to support others and work from home gives me the best of both worlds!

I run a private personal growth focused accountability group which has individuals on their own journeys but lifting each other up along the way. Each month has a different theme/focus that is more than "just fitness". It has been an AMAZING EXPERIENCE getting to know so many great people

I also help guide others to build a health and wellness business online of their own. My FAITHFULLY FIT team will show you how to use small amounts of time to create a life that you not just -survive- but a life in which you can THRIVE

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