a little about me...

Hi there! I’m Mary, middle name Eleanor.
My mum always signs her cards XO hence, maryeleanorxo ❤︎
aka your nature loving, health freak, beauty & fashion inspired buddy!

Social media for me is a place to express myself and show you products and recipes I genuinely love! I get to authentically share my life in a way that fits me and helps you! Watch my story highlights to get to know me more!

I’ve always loved helping people [Enneagram 2 over here!] whether I was going to be a nurse, a personal chef, or a bartender forever ✌︎︎ let’s not get into that... But on the real, Ive always known the 9-5 office life wasn’t for me. I’m a very creative person and passionate. I was working two jobs. On my feet every day on average working 60 hours a week and killing myself over minimum wage and tips just to make ends meet. My anxiety was through the roof and I felt like I was stuck.

A year and a half ago a friend of mine presented an opportunity to me that was too good to be true ❀ Run my own business thats sustainable (and growing) by helping others, building relationships and leveraging one of the most powerful platforms today; social media.

I have always admired influencers & their ability to use Instagram as a business platform to get sponsorships, paid promotions, free travel, etc. I didn’t know how to fit into that world until I started with this company. I’ve grown to be more confident, independent & genuinely happy. Im finally financially free and able to travel, with the ability to create my own schedule and work from anywhere with unlimited income potential. How is this real?

I have a burning passion to help people succeed in life. I will always be authentic and you’ll always get the real me on here. Whether it’s to help you change your hair, your skin or your life. I’m here for you.

Either way, my inboxes are always open too so feel free to reach out. Let’s be friends ❥

Sᴡɪᴘᴇ ғᴏʀ ᴍᴏʀᴇ ☞︎