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Maryellen Rose George —

Writing/Comedy/Fitness - what?

Maryellen has done many things she's not proud of including: being born in Cronulla, a performing arts degree followed by too many stints in admin work, spin cycle instructing, posting gratifying bikini pics online, and, most recently, stand-up comedy. She wrote of this all about herself in the third person and she hopes you learned something while reading it.

but seriously friend, so kind of you to stalk (in the fun, internet, non-trolling way).
Follow here to laugh at or with me while I aspire toward greater things and try to be a good person along the way. Sometimes I mess up - oooh a twist! You can also check out my inclusive fitness tips, or find out about future stand up shows and projects.

Fun/ctional Movement Patterns —

The 7 basic movement patterns

Endless combinations of these movement patterns will help you create interesting, dynamic, and empowering workouts. Use your training to support what you do outside of the gym!


Great for; sitting, getting out of bed, getting up from the toilet, getting low enough to play with your neice’s barbie dolls...

Example Exercise - Regular Squat.
Sit into that imaginary chair, get low! Press through your heels and keep your knees back behind your toes. Squeeze your bum and tuck your pelvis in as you come up!


Great for; stability, mostly glutes and quads (all exercises use all muscles- you’re using your whole body in some way always!), taking some big ass steps, practicing proposing to your partner...

Example Exercise - Forward Lunge.
90 degree angle in the legs. Get your back knee close to the floor. Keep your chest upright. Squeeze your butt. Return to standing.

Push Moves

Great for; the chest, arms, core, closing doors, having the strength to push your friend in the pool in summer, moving furniture...

Example Exercise - Push Up. Tuck your chin in, look at the floor, let your shoulder blades kiss, let them seperate, switch on your core. Get good on your knees first if you need to.


Great for; back muscles, pulling your Doberman in the right direction on your doggie walk, pulling your lover into you under a dim street light #romantic, pulling the curtains closed as you retire to bed that night ;)

Example exercise - Reach and Pull. Shoulders away from your ears as your squeeze your lats and pull in. Pull ups, Rows, cable row, etc


Why do it? back of the legs, glutes, whole bod, by far the sexiest of all the movement patterns, it’s great for ... dancing ... and when thrust is a word commonly used to describe this exercise - you have to trust it’s going to help you thrust in all areas of life, no?

Example Exercise - 1 leg deadlift. DIFFERENT TO A SQUAT! Create the hinge in your hips, switch on your hamstrings, squeeze through your glutes, send your butt back to the wall behind you and then drive up and THRUST forward as your tuck your pelvis in.


Great for; core stability, shopping cart shopping, reaching for your friend’s popcorn in a cinema, being in a production line, having generally good reach...

Example Exercise - Russian Twist. Shoulders back, chest open, rotate from side to side, keep feet lifted for more of a challenge.
There are so many many more ways to add twists and turns in your workout - this is just an obvious and simple example


Basically walking/ running - ensuring you can get around this damn world with efficiency and ease. I would say eg, farmers walks but those are for people who get excited about weights in the gym and don’t like any form of cardio

What is inclusive fitness? —

Fitness is for everyone...

I can only represent one body type, my own! But all bodies can enjoy the freedom to move and use fitness as a tool to empower themselves toward reaching unique, individual goals. When and where I train, everyBODY is welcome.

All bodies

Are free bodies