Hi! My name is Marialuisa but most call me Maria or Marylou. I started this new hair journey with MONAT on June 16, 2019 because I was suffering from postpartum hair loss! I have straight hair and never really had an issue other than PP hair loss and some dandruff!

Soon after I joined as a MP (Market Partner) and have been happy with my results! Love that my hair has more shine to it and it’s silky.

Follow along and see how far I’ve came with my new grow out!

Questions about MONAT?

Send me an email at [email protected] or Dm me on IG @_marialuisamenjivar_

I’m ready for you to join my team ;)

Being a MP (Market Partner)

Why join the team?

Who wouldn’t want to get a second stream of income? Or quit your 9-5 to be at home and spend time with your kids or dogs and still make some income? An additional $200-$3,000 a month from working at home off WIFI? It won’t come that easy to you unless you work for it.

* We’re the fastest growing hair care company
* Our company pays up to 50% back to the field
* There’s always bonuses
* No monthly quotas
* No monthly fees
* Zero, Nada of inventory

Dont want to sell? Just enjoy the discount of 30%

You have nothing to lose
*there is a 30 day money back guarantee
*You get great support from your team mates and uplines

So why not join now?

What does it mean to be a VIP? —

Pay a one time fee and be a forever customer! ❤️

•Get 15% off all MONAT products
•Birthday treat
•Free Shipping on Flexship (flexible shipment) orders of $84 or more
•Free Only for you product ($25 value)
•Special promotions (ex flash sale, special offers and promotions)
• Also enjoy our Purchase + enjoy an additional 15% off $116/ 20% off $150/ %25 off $250

✨Last but not least you have the ability to upgrade to Monat Market Partner (distributor) 

*Monat offers a 30- day money back guarantee if for some reason you’re not satisfied with any Monat product.

Join as a VIP today and receive a free gift!

My faves

Rejuveniqe oil, leave in conditioner, air dry cream & Unknot Detangler

Why are these my favorite? Let me break it down for you...

1. Rejuveniqe Oil can be used in over 100 different ways! The smell is out of this world! I love how it feels on your skin after you apply it with your moisturizer or doing a scalp overnight treatment.

2. Leave in conditioner is not what you think! Right off the bat you think it’s going to weigh your hair down, right? NOPE! It actually improves hair follicles and leaves your hair silky! Don’t believe me? Give it a try!

3. Air dry cream is hands down the best... For me. Love that it cuts drying my hair in half the time.

4. Unknot detangler-I’ve noticed since using the detangler it causes less breakage. The smell is amazing! I use this right after I get out of the shower to help out with tangles.

...I fell in love with the skincare line

Since Monat has released the skincare line in September 2019 I have been obsessed. Never have I washed my face religiously EVER! The packaging is super cute but sophisticated.
I love how the products smell for one and second how they make your skin feel. I never really had skin problems aka acne but I have some sun spots and have noticed that those are slowly diminishing. I have almost all the skincare products but missing a few and can’t wait to get my hands on them!

Style and more

Need tips on how to style your hair or what products to use while styling? Check out link below