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“53% of adults are financially anxious and 44% say discussing finances makes them stressed out”

Hello! My name is Mary Imonina. About two years ago I couldn’t afford my rent, lived paycheck to paycheck, and destroyed my credit score.

Today, I have a good chunk of money saved up ready to go for an investment property. My credit score is back up and I am managing my money better. I am a former nursing major and currently in school for Business Administration & Finance.

I wanted to center my Instagram page on financial literacy because learning finance changed my life. And I’m hoping to change yours and leave an impact on this world.

A recent survey showed that 53% of adults are financially anxious and 44% say discussing finances makes them stressed out. Another study showed that two in three families lack an emergency fund. Which leaves a tremendous amount of the population at risk if there was a hike in expenses or financial upset.

With this in mind, I am fueled to educate others on the importance of finance. My mother was an immigrant in this country and taught me the best that she could, which was the “save your way to being rich” mentality. Well, that never worked. But she tried. She was a single mother and provided for all four of us with her nursing salary. We never used food stamps and my mom moved us out of the westside of Detroit, Michigan. Her tenacity and her will to give us a great life is unmatched. I owe her everything.

Disclaimer: The content posted on my page is not legal advice. Please conduct your own research. Contact your CPA or attorney before making any financial decisions.

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