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Welcome to the blog of a curly headed, twenty something's woman who’s loving life and the One who made it. I grew up in Lagos, Nigeria but I am currently exploring life and living in Abuja, Nigeria. I work at a Radio House. I'm a lover of the small things in life and all things adventure related. Although I’m not the greatest of writers, life is short and full of fun, new adventures, so sit down and enjoy this one with me!

Mary Unang is the second born among her mother’s children.she also has her own direction as to her career goals.As a young adult she is learning so much about life, the meaning of success and happiness. I want to share this journey online.

Now that you're here, stay awhile!


Life Is Simple, Life Is Good

happiness is learning to appreciate and making the most of the small things in life. I’m convinced that if the little & simple things in life can’t make you happy, you’ll never be truly happy in all honesty. My time here has been crazy and there’s always something to be done, but I’m learning so much. Not only about myself but also about the little things I thought I already knew all there was to know about. So I guess all of this to say: make sure you’re ACTUALLY enjoying the little, simple things because in the crazy mess of this life, they’ll add up & keep you both thankful and sane. Until next time,

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