Masani Samuela

Great things never come from comfort zones

Hi I’m Masani! I am 23 years old with a passion for beauty, health and wellness , travel & helping others.

In the last 16months , my life has completely changed all thanks to something that I skeptically said yes to. I went from an overworked , account manager to the owner of an online business. My passion for living life on my terms has been fulfilled now that I can pick up and go at any time. The choices of being a business owner is truly priceless and I’m so grateful for it every day!

My mission is to help others find that same financial security and time flexibility. No matter what your background, I’m here to tell you its possible for you too! I never saw myself being where I am today , but when you believe in yourself and have a whole community of people that empower you , crazy things happen!

All I wanted was an extra couple hundred dollars a month to put towards holiday trips throughout the year. What I got is a full time income , the best vegan , plant based & b corp certified health and wellness products out there from makeup cosmetics , skincare , nutrition , haircare & bath and body products, a supportive community of men & women who are now my closet friends & the choices and lifestyle I always wanted. Not to mention, I get to help people feel more beautiful & confident every single day.