Made of approximately one part coffee, one part sarcasm, a whole lot of creativity with a dash of ADD

A photographer with an interesting view, though don't we all? While I do take some shots of wildlife and scenery, with a little bit of cosplay and modeling for my sister and her friends, my primary niche is gemstones and refractions, specifically refractions that occur through gemstones and glass.

I also have some fossils that I shoot, primarily my trilobite, and occasionally will shoot cars if I'm at a show. I love getting low angles, especially of cars and people.

My favorite things to play with in photography have always been lighting and angles and I discovered that gemstones make the perfect subjects for that. Welcome to my well lit world.

(Okay, maybe more than one part coffee.)

Day at the Hood

One of my favorite shots from one of my first big gemstone photoshoots, a bit of broken baby akoya shell with a ruby, sapphire, and pearls, and the backdrop is actually the hood of a disabled Buick LeSabre.


Silicate mineral prismatic crystal of aluminum and fluorine

Kent is a rainbow blue mystic topaz who stars in many of my shoots, he is one of my best models. I name all my gems, partly because I'm weird, partly because it makes it easier for anyone who might help me in one of my shoots.
Scenario A "Hey, go get me that rainbow blue mystic topaz?" "The what?" "The round one that kind up looks like a blue-ish purple eye." "Which one?" "$%&!."
Scenario B "Hey, go get me Kent." "Okay!"
Plus it makes it more fun for fans to have a favorite gem and know exactly which one it is without struggling to remember what it's called.


A treated silicate mineral of aluminum and fluorine with an azotic treatment

Kenzie is an interesting treated topaz, one of the most interesting in my collection as well as one of the most interesting I have seen in person. She was treated with the azotic process, and not the only one in my stash who was. The azotic process really creates such an interestingly varied look from gem to gem.

Kenzie was sold to me as a pink mystic topaz, but I personally call her a tangerine mystic because she usually looks more like a tangerine color. In darker light you can definitely see the pink, but she's more often quite tangeriney. She is referred to as a "fancy kite cut" and is easily my most spoiled gem, she has had more individual photo shoots than any of the others, but well worth every minute of hogged spotlight.


Silicate mineral comprised of aluminum and fluorine

One of my prettiest boys, I jumped on him as soon as I saw him. Well, sort of. I didn't have money at the time and was browsing my supplier's website out of boredom and as I am a frequent customer who leaves excellent reviews, he agreed to hold Dallas until my next paycheck.

Dallas is a sky blue topaz with no facets. He has a perfectly smooth, domed top, with a pavilion like a faceted gem has (the pointy bottom/back) except that it, too, is perfectly smooth without facets. Just two lines lazer cut into the back. He is my most mellow gem, always going with the flow.

Getting Along

Even gems and models know that getting along with those you work with most is a good idea.


Silicate mineral prismatic crystal made of aluminum and fluorine

Chera here is a yellow mystic topaz, smaller than some of my more intense gems but no less dazzling. I definitely count her as one of my better buys and one of my top models, though she and Kenzie don't like each other very much. I've only managed to get them shot together in my most recent shoot. Girls, amirite?

She does shine well with Kent and Dallas, though, particularly with Kent.



Where as Kenzie is more like a friend and colleague to Dallas and Kent, Chera is like family to them and they more than love working together.


A champagne and dark pink-ish red-ish bi-color topaz, Francine has looks and sass. She may be one of my smaller gems, but I have captured some seriously stunning shots of her.

Yes, I know I have a lot of topaz. No, it's not my favorite gem, though most of the individual gems I have are on my favorites list.


Francis is a treated Brazilian aqua blue topaz. He throws great refractions and despite his small size knows how to put on quite a show. While he and Francine have not officially done a shoot together yet, they play well in the side lines while waiting their turns.