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Hi, I'm Mashy Scanlan founder of Mashy Glamorous

When you think of work think of what makes you happy😊
Make-up & Beauty is truely a passion of mine and i'm so proud to be where i am today and continue growing work hard don't wish go and get it🥰😍🤩.

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Biggest Event in Samoa

I was working at the Life-Con Pacific (Fashion Show) from 2019 to 2020 as a team of M.U.A & Hairstylist.

LIFE-con Pacific is Samoa's Premier Fashion & Arts Event, first launced in 2017. It is a platform dedicated to elevating the marketing of Samoa & Pacific fashion, arts, brands and business through its strategic regional campaign.

Empowerment young women in Samoa.

I am so excited to be a part of this project. I gave thanks so much to Masina Tietie & Jun Kim for this wonderful opportunity for having me to join in the Make-up Artist & Hairdresser team. It was such a great experience for beautify our local women for their interviews and photoshoots for this project.

Her Voice, its a great platform founded in Samoa for empowering our samoa women in their communities to raise their voices for their own human rights...This project has influence and encourage any young women not only in Samoa but throughout the Pacific Island. It's so much inspired other young women to pursue their goals in life and help to lifted up themselves for many issues they're facing in life🥰🤞🏻

Empowering young Fa'afafine & Fa'afatama in Samoa.

I'm forever grateful for this amazing opportunity offer from Jun Kim and Samoa Fa'afafine Association to have been able to work with this new project called So Far as a Make-up Artist & Hairdresser for models interviews.

So Far is a project focused on the youth of Fa'afafine and Fa'afatama. It is intended as a mean of communication to help increase the significance and awareness of minority groups equal rights with the youth of Fa'afafine and Fa'afatama from the ages of 18-30 years as the primary target audience, with advocacy for international human rights as the center rationale behind this project. The project also will act as an avenue for the younger generation of Fa'afafine and Fa'afatama to assert their voices to be heard. It will provide a channel of both indirect and direct engagement and participation from the general communities through documentation of real-life stories (Your story 'SO FAR')

The project is based on the concept of storytelling which is design to reflect the positive and negative realities the youth is facing with equal rights, discrimination, and several other interrelated issues. Nevertheless, the project will also serve as a platform to utilize and showcase the skill sets and talents of young Fa'afafine and Fa'afatama of Samoa through the expected activities.

Behind the Scene shot📸 —

I love what i do and i know i can do it we'll. It comes with a lot of love, love for the client's, love for their emotions and love for how i make them feel😍🤩

Love my job