My Top Picks

Top 5 states that I recommend visiting!

In March of 2022 I finally was able to visit all 50 states, and I thought I would tell everyone what my top 5 states are! It was a dream come true to be able to visit them all! So keep on ready to find out what my top 5 states are!

5. Arizona

Arizona take 5th place.
Arizona has something for everyone weather you want to take a family trip or a girls trip it has something! The views are simply amazing, the Grand Canyon is a must when visiting Arizona! It’s so much fun to explore the canyons and waterfalls they have in Arizona! No matter what you are doing your sure to have a good time!

4. Tennessee

Tennessee gets 4th in my book!
Tennessee in my opinion is the ultimate girls trip destination! The strip in Nashville is an amazing time, you’ll find the best live music. The country music hall of fame is such a fun thing to do when in Nashville! Memphis is also another great place there! The foods amazing and the atmosphere is so chill. Wherever you go you’ll have a great time!

3. Alaska

Alaska get 3rd place!
Alaska is such an incredible place to visit! The views of the mountains are simply beautiful.
It was so much fun visiting in the winter, I highly recommend finding a place to get a sled dog ride. Fairbanks was a great place to visit. The hot springs was so much fun to visit, going out searching for the northern lights was an adventure for sure! It’s so cool to see the light so clearly! I highly recommend visiting at least once!

2. West Virginia

West Virginia comes in at a solid 2nd.
West Virginia is such a serene place to come unwind and relax! The views are so incredible of the mountains and lakes! It’s so much fun exploring the state parks and all the waterfalls here. West Virginia is the perfect place for a family to unwind and reconnect with each other and nature!

1. Hawaii

Hawaii takes 1st place and rightfully so!
Hawaii is such an amazing place to visit. Weather you want high intensity activities or you just want to take it easy they have something for you! The beaches are incredible, you can spend hours there weather your swimming or just taking in the scenery! Hawaii has so much to offer weather you want to do some hiking or shark cage diving they got it!
At the north shore on Oahu the have the most incredible shaved ice at a ice cream shop called Matsumoto shave ice, if you find yourself on Oahu make sure to grab some shaved ice!

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I’m so happy I’ve decided to finally get this going.
I cannot wait to share a few passions of mine with you! Just a couple of things you’ll be seeing around here is my love for traveling, family, and my faith!! My faith is a big part of who I am and I wouldn’t be where I am or who I am without God!

I’m so excited to start this journey with each and everyone of you thanks so much for stopping on by!!

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